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    New Zealand
  • Interests
    Filmmaking, gaming, all things technology.


  • CPU
    I7 6700
  • Motherboard
    Gygabyte H110M-S2H
  • RAM
    32gb G.SKILL RIPJAWS 2400mhz
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 970
  • Case
  • Storage
    128gb Samsung 830 SSD, 2 Terabyte Seagate SATA
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    2x Samsung SMS24A450 (1920x1200@59Hz)
  • Cooling
    Fans, cooler master CPU cooler
  • Keyboard
    Microsoft surface keyboard
  • Mouse
    Cooler Master CM310
  • Sound
    Logitech Z-5500 5.1
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home
  • Laptop
    Toshiba Satellite (Upgraded to i7 6700, 16gb RAM)
  1. I do a lot of video editing using most of the adobe suite.
  2. Is now a good time to buy the Ryzen 9 3900x? I've heard the price has been as low as $380 US! Couldn't find those prices anywhere though. Has anyone seen any great deals for the 3900x? Thanks.
  3. Hi everybody, looking for some advice. I was not paying attention to Ryzen when they released 3rd gen so I don't know how much the 2nd Gen prices dropped. I am considering upgrading my cpu and motherboard from I7 6700/Gygabyte H110m-S2H to Ryzen 9 3900x/x570. I do a lot of professional video editing with 4k files. I use the most of the Adobe suit including After effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop. I know the Ryzen 9 3950x is significantly more powerful but I just can't justify the extra $300 over the 3900x. Should I wait until the Ryzen Gen 4 comes in and hopefully brings the price of the 3950x down or just buy the 3900x now? Thanks for your advice!
  4. Ok thanks. I will purchase a better cable.
  5. I was using the two six pin cables plus one of the added 2 pins. The second 2 pin was not connected.
  6. Yeah, not sure if the 1080 will require more power to run though? Your probably right. I can't really damage it by not giving it enough power anyway.
  7. What's a reference block? Sorry, i'm kind of a novice with this.
  8. Yeah that's what I'm not sure about. And attempting to use 2x 6 pin into the adapter for 8 pin
  9. Hi, I have recently purchased a GTX 1080. This adapter was in the box. Photo 1 My last video card was a GTX 970 which requires 14 pins. Photo 2 I have these two cables which connect to my power supply and have 8 pins. Six pins and an extra 2 attached to the block of six. The problem is there is only 6 wires that connect at the power supply so the extra two must not be connected. Photo 3 + 4 This is what I have set up in order to get power to 8 pins. Photo 5 I need to know if this is right or if I will be giving it too much power due to there being two lots of 6 pins going into the adapter? Thanks for your help!
  10. Thanks everyone for your help. It turns out I made a silly mistake with this mb and the new one. I forgot to connect the ATX 12V 2x4 cable. I'm glad I did though as it ended up saving my CPU in the long run because it wasn't getting any power. I have now reconnected the cable and the computer boots properly!
  11. Oh no, ok. I do have another 6th gen I7. I could possibly put that in the old board. Is there any chance of damaging the second cpu if the old board has been damaged by the first cpu?
  12. Hi, no I haven't. I'm kind of a novice with motherboards. That involves disconnecting everything then removing the battery for 5 seconds and putting everything back right?
  13. I was instructed by an "expert" at my local tech shop to put my I7 6700 in an 8th and 9th generation CPU socket. On paper they appear to be identical (without proper research that is). I went with what they said and installed the new motherboard, then put my I7 6700 in. After completing the build I started the computer and was met with fans turning on and a light on the motherboard but nothing whatsoever appeared on the display. It was at this point that I realised I had put the CPU in the wrong socket. I took the cpu out and put the old motherboard back in. After fully installing the old motherboard I went to power it up. I have now encountered the same problem, the fans turn on but nothing appears on screen. Does this mean I have "fried" my CPU?? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to lose my CPU!!
  14. Yeah realize that now, so do you think my CPU and mother board will have survived being put in the wrong socket and powered on?