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  1. ASUS P5K PRO(motherboard). An old custom build.(very old). CPU: Core 2 Due E4600. 3GB of ddr2 RAM
  2. It only describes CLRTC jumper.
  3. How old is the PSU? And just to let you know i think that the i5-2400 is a bottleneck for the gtx 1650 because its performance and your games may run slower because of the cpu.
  4. There are only 3 pins in this order : 1-0-1-1 (1 means pin, 0 means space) and i shorted the last two because the jumper is only 2 pin wide.
  5. What power supply, CPU, and RAM do you have?
  6. Hi everyone, i have a old computer which was laying in my basement and i wanted to make it run. I managed to install Windows 10 on a random HDD but every time i want to restart it(or start it) i have to reset the BIOS from the pins because i get an error like this :"Chassis Intruded........Fatal error ...... System Halted". I looked on the motherboard and i foun 3 pins labeled as "CHASSIS" with a jumper on. I played around with the jumper position but nothing. Also, i couldn't find the setting for chassis intrusion in BIOS settings. I really want this annoying thing to be fixed because i want to overclock the pc and i can't since i have to reset BIOS every time.
  7. I don't have displayport cable.
  8. But I fixed it. It was a bad RGB setting in the monitor settings. Thank you so much for help.
  9. I tried all Pixel Format settings and using ddu but it still doesn't work properly.
  10. I will try, thanks.
  11. Phillips 248E9QHSB
  12. I had an Ati Radeon HD 3870 and it worked fine. The refresh rate is 60 Hz but the monitor supports up to 75 Hz.
  13. Sorry, I accidentally did the second one.