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  1. Ive tried overclocking my ryzen 3 before and it worked fine until it didnt (but i pushed it to 4.5ghz from 3.6ghz ). I reset the BIOS and now it works fine. I then looked online again and it said the max it could be pushed to was 4.0ghz. When looking whether I actually could overclock on the A320 and they said that I could but it might cause Thermal Throttling, but I have a Liquid Cooler. Should I overclock it or not?
  2. My mic is a crappy £10 one from amazon
  3. When I use my mic, every so often it will start making a really loud beeping that I can’t hear but party members be recordings pick up. Most of the tutorials that I watched are about CONSTANT background buzzing and not OCCASIONAL beeping
  4. I Had an issue like this and ended up having to replace it
  5. I’ve been trying to record and voiceover with my mic but it is a very low budget one and makes a lot of static noise and buzzing. Should I get an AUX to USB adapter or just get a new usb mic.
  6. A scrim is when there are lots of people building etc. in a very small space. In that situation when lots is going on will dual channel help?
  7. Just replaced it in the end thanks tho
  8. I am currently trying to get more fps on fortnite in endgame. When I am just playing normally in a non-stacked game i can get 80-120 fps but when I get in a tournament or a scrim and there is loads of builds I drop to 30-60 fps. I am currently running a ryzen 3 2200g and a gtx 1650 with 8gb single channel memory. Will going to 16gb dual channel increase endgame performance or not
  9. Specs GTX 105ti Ryzen 3 3200g 8gb ram SC I cant install any drivers as it says that it cant detect the drivers
  10. I have just replaced my old mobo and cpu and now i am having issues with my GPU. It doesnt show up on the device manager or on speccy. i also cant use it to display or access the nvidia control panel. Please help
  11. Does anyone know what the best setting in the Nvidia Control Panel are to get the most FPS while gaming? I've seen Youtubers who have had people give them 'Secret Nvidia Settings' which have doubled their fps Really Appreciate the Help