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  1. THANK U ALL!!! i will clean the heat sink and re-apply themal peast and see if that makes my cpu calm down and wont have to hear my cpu fan eaven if i am wearing head phones
  2. yeah but i keep my room cooler than most people .im wierd i know. and i live in a cold inviroment so it dosent relly get that hot only on rare ocations
  3. my cpu the phenom II x4 975 stays at a constent 40 to 50 c when im just brosing or watching youtube and the stander temps that the internet says that it should be around 25 to 30 c and also adding on to problem it spikes up quite a bit and makes cpu cooler to ogo faster and sence its a smaller cpu cooler it makes a lot of noise i saw that in the bios it siad that it was rung at 4500 rpm or somthing like that and it gets anoying also probly gets really hot while i game and could kill my cpu
  4. edit: i found out the problem some how th pcu fan some how got lose and was hiting aginst the fan grill like hiting it
  5. if it is the bearing dose this mean i have to replace power supply
  6. hello there my power supply unit has making terrible clicking sounds really fast like fast and it gets really loud i honestly dont kn ow what it is and i need help it dose go away when i tilt the whole pc and it is not the hhd because thats what i suspected it to be so i took it out and turn the pc on and it kept making the sound it dosent affect my performance at all its just really anoying could it be coil whining