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  1. Okay, thank you very much bro.
  2. Athlon II X2 245, but I'm planning to upgrade soon.
  3. Guys, what is the best alternative for GT 710 or a little bit higher. I'm on a really tight budget.
  4. Guys, can you give me a website with different or uncommon UI. Because tomorrow I will present to our class for Website of the day. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys, i'm really confuse about picking the right graphics card and i'm not that knowledgeable about the computer components. So, what should I look on a graphics card, memory type, memory size, bus width, GPU clock, or memory clock?
  6. I bought a new SSD yesterday and I tried to make it my device boot priority. And whenever I open my PC it says "reboot and select proper boot device", but I don't think my SSD is corrupt, because i've already access my SSD when my device priority is my HDD. I hope you can help guys.
  7. Hey guys, what is the best graphic cards that would fit with my Athlon II X2 245?