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  1. K thanks and sorry for bothering
  2. Keyboard size what i need are those F1 / F2 keys (etc. ) To be on the same spot cuz i dont know much on keyboards and that.
  3. Yah i checked that One but the "F" keys are not close to the esc . Do you know what that could be?
  4. Good night, so my keyboard is no gonna gold for long and i need a new one, but i cannot find any keyboard with the same size. could any of you hel? Ill send a pic of mine and the ones i've been finding. All i need is those F1 F2 etc. Keys to be on the same spot and pt-pt layout.
  5. I was looking if there was a better option but i see that i've already found the best for my fitting
  6. Yah i already have a build with that processor i just wanted to know if that was best cuz the MOBO i have for that processor is a ASRock b450M pro 4-F Is that Nice? Im sending also my "build" in that file Pc do Afonso..txt
  7. So im building a new pc and i wanted to know what processor would be best for 135 / 140 € and what Motherboard would go best and cheap with 4 RAM slots . Also im portuguese. Thx
  8. Only One i could find is a CV 450
  9. Yah that website is not that good i was looking in this One pcdiga its the most trustable One on my coutry
  10. And btw os that 500 power supply enough??
  11. 2x8 ddr4 2400 MHz RAM ,,. Motherboard B450M Pro4-F ,, kolink Core 80plus 500w power supply ,, ssd 2.5" 240 GB 3D TLC data ,, micro ATX kolink citadel tempered glass (black modelo)
  12. The One i was going for was a RX 580 8gb but im not sure and the CPU os a r5 2600
  13. So i've been asking a lot of things recently and i dont want to be anoying but what os the best possible graphics card for 230 € ?? Maximum 240 Thx again.