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  1. So I'm selling and old pc with an i3 2120 and a radeon 7770. This is the email the guy sent me about the pc. "Alright thanks but I would love to have it mailed to my cousin in Florida as a birthday gift,I want you to include an ebay gift card of $400 inside the package when shipping because it’s going to the recipient as a gift.I’m a veteran(0311)and not in the right position to have it mailed out myself, I will make an additional $400 to the payment for the eBay gift card and i will also add $50 to cover for the shipping cost and extra $50 for gas and inconvenience.are you cool with that?" is this a scam or nah. Also, he did send an offer on ebay for 250 so Im not sure. Im just trying to get rid of it and this guy confused me.
  2. Im upgrading to a 1440p 144hz monitor, but Im concerned about games like grounded where at 1080 ultra with my pc now I strugle to stay around the refresh rate of my current monitor which is 75.
  3. Hi, I have grounded which is a game I love, but on my rig with 2070 super and a 9700f at 4.6 ghz I cant keep my frames up around 75 when Im in ant hills or roaming places with lots of grass. And the graphics settings in grounded arent good cuz there are just presets so does anyone know how to change settings internally and which ones to change to get the best fps?
  4. with the 30xx series coming out promising frame rates above the 2080ti even with the 3070 for only 500 dollars, I'm wondering if it is worth it to sell my 2070 super and buy a 3070. people in my area are willing to do around 400 for the card, so I'm wondering if it is smart to get the bag and then just cough up an extra hundred and get the card if the performance is going to be that much better. Also, my parents don't trust me to work on computers (I don't know why) which is why they bought me a prebuilt (ugggh), but it has a good psu that would definitely support a 3070, so how can I convince them that I know what I'm doing and it isn't hard to replace a gpu. Thanks in advance. Also, do you think a 9700f at 4.6 ghz would be fine for a 3070?
  5. I heard that the 3070 super is going to have similar performance to a 2080ti which is a big jump from a 2070 super and only for 500 dollars. Would it be worth it to sell it, it seems to go for around 400, then buy a 3070 super or should I keep my card. Im not sure.
  6. Maybe, but when I select it in a game menu the game either crashes or spazzes out and has no clue where the mouse is, so Im not sure it is the case
  7. I dont know why but my 1080p sceptre 22 inch 75 hertz monitor is allowing me to select 4k at 75 herts as an option but it seems to make zero difference in games. It even defaults to it in some games even though my monitor phisically cant display at 4k. Not really an issue, Im just confused and want clarification.
  8. I recently got a new pc and want to upgrade my monitor but dont have a massive budget. I have a 10700k and 2070 super so I think I want a 1440p monitor but dont know which one to choose. I want something with fast response times and a high refresh rate. Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Noob question I know, but after I have set up my settings in obs, I have no clue how to change the title. Help me please
  10. Hi, I got a new pc a month ago and have realized that my 1080p 75hz monitor isn’t up to par with what I need. I have a 9700f at 4.6 ghz and 2070 super oc and want to know what monitor I should get without spending a ridiculous amount of money. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, my little brother wants to download Fortnite on our PS4 on his account. But my older brother claims that he got ip banned in the game on his account. Would that mean that my little brother cant play on his account or would he still be able to. Im trying to stop an argument. Thanks in advance for any help?