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  1. sorry, im still quite new to this stuff thanks anyway.
  2. hi everyone quick question. I know it sounds stupid that i am asking but i cannot seem to find anywhere that says yes or no to whether or not B450M DS3H has support for USB C. it would be of great help if someone could tell me. Thanks George.
  3. Ah okay thanks alot for the help mate
  4. well i have a gigabyte b450m micro atx and one of my mates who also builds pcs told me if i was to buy a higher end gpu, which i am going to some time this year, i would want a better motherboard. Also is it possible that having a full atx motherboard for example meaning i will have a larger case will mean i have increased airflow because i will have a larger case. i know this sounds so stupid but i am still kinda new to this stuff.
  5. hmm yes also quickly if i was to buy a new motherboard, and move my cpu from my old motherboard to a new one would i need to do any sort of bios update?
  6. so is it fine for me to game with the side panel off for as long as i want?
  7. so i also tried a default mode and it still gets to stupid temperatures but there is still fps ddrops and skipped frames in warzone?
  8. i only made this one today before i started this page and it was still doin this before hand here is the pic of the one i used prior to this: same for the right fan aswell.
  9. yes the fans spin up correctly i had applied overclock to see if it would change anythin but then changed it back i applied a custom fan curve however i have a aerocool cylone mini it has okayish airflow the cpu and if ambient temp is the same as room temp its 20 degrees celcius.
  10. Hi everyone, so for the past few months i have had issues with my gpu being quite hot and just today i installed some new fans to increase airflow, however it has made no difference and the gpu is getting even hotter and i am getting frame drops etc in games can somebody assist me and help me to figure out what is wrong. the gpu is reaching a high of 90 degrees celcius and i have no clue if its even a problem. Specs Ryzen 2700x Asus 1660 oc dual fan Gigabyte b450m Corsair tx550m Corsair vengence ddr4 16gb ram Thanks in advance
  11. Hi everyone, i am looking at upgrading my pc motherboard from a micro atx to a full atx and was wondering if anybody can help me choose. It will need an AM4 socket for my ryzen 2700x, will need to support at least 32-64gb ram, and support a corsair tx550m power supply. I am very new to pcs as the one i currently own is my first custom built one. thanks in advance george.
  12. Do u recommend any other full atx boards with in the £150 price range which have an am4 socket and support gen 2 ryzen?
  13. Ye basically I have an issue with the amount of space inside of my case at the moment, so I thought well why not upgrade my case to a bigger one with more space and while I'm at it upgrade my motherboard aswell