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  1. I I had the "ultimate" power plan that i tought i had already done that but no. Thank you, a quick run of cinebench and it turbos like it should. Sorry my bad
  2. no it has not, the temperature is not the problem. It just wont go above 3.2Ghz.
  3. Hello again! I got my new CPU just yesterday and installed it right away. I bought a new CPU (r7 2700x), a new mobo (Tuf B-450 gaming plus) and new ram (Corsair venegance 3000mhz) and it was working fine the day i installed it (yesterday) and this morning, turboing up to 4,1Ghz and so on. But now it's stuck on 3.2Ghz. I didn't change any setting or anything. Why is it doing this? SPECS Ryzen 7 2700x (with stock cooler) Tuf b450 plus gaming Corsair venegance rgb pro 3000mhz (oc to 3600mhz) AMD RX 480 RF Cooler Master 650w PSU and a hard drive and ssd. Best regards, Jebe