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  1. RMA back at it again
  2. I'm very unlucky then if i have gotten two defect ones.......
  3. it does look like it is the left fan of the GPU where the ratling is coming from.
  4. it's the 1660 super oc
  5. Hmmm... where could it be coming from than.
  6. its only one week old tho, and don't i screw up my warranty with that?
  7. Hello there, I have a problem with my GPU it makes this ratling noise at higher RPM i dont know what it is. I have checked if it was hiting something but it seems not too. I had this same problem with this similair card and send it back with RMA. but then i got this one with the same problem. Can someone help? I have atached two videos one when i was just playing COD (Shorter video) and another while i was ramping up the RPM via Afterburner (Longer video). GPU_noise_long.mp4 Gpu_noise_short.mp4
  8. Update: the fans were bad and failed on me fortunately i had warranty so i got a new one in the mail today Sadly this one also has problems see recent post
  9. @TofuHaroto Okii thanks for your help
  10. @TofuHaroto Oh sorry the PSU is a : Corsair RM550x (2018)
  11. @TofuHaroto I have a 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER OC (Gigabyte)
  12. Dear users, My GPU makes a strange noise, at least i think so. When the fans of my GPU turn on it makes this (to my ears) weird noise it sounds like two revs of a car. I have had this pc for 2 weeks now and at first i thought the noise might go away, but that dind't happen. I am new to pc's and build it myself. so maybe i did something wrong but the GPU works fine and doesn't get to hot. can someone tell me what the noise is and if it is fixeable. I have added a video where you can hear the noise in. Greetings Bulkie. GPU geluid.mp4