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    The Embodiment of Gaming
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    Lord Kieran
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    Stockholm, Sweden, Home.
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    Anything that fancies my attention.
    Could be anything really.
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    Eh....what to say...just ask me I guess :P
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    CNC Operator


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    Intel i5 4570k / Pentium K
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    GigaByte Z87 OC / MSI Z97 gaming Itx
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    Adata cl9 1600 8GB / Balistix Tactical Tracer cl 9 1866 8 GB
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    GTX 980 / ARES III
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    Corsair Air 540 / Moded Suitcase
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    Evo 840 250gb + some HDD´s / Sandisk 120 GB SSD
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    XFX Pro 1000w Platinum / Silverstone 850w
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    Asus VG278H x3 / Fujitsu-Siemens
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    H100i / EK waterblock
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    Gigabyte Osmium Aivia / Non
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    MIONIX AVIOR 8200 / Logitech G602
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    O2 + ODAC Combo + Sennheiser HD650 / Monitor Audio
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    Win 8.1 / Win 7

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  1. CatCloud

    Chrome wont load ANY website.

    naw, time was fine but its fixed now... I reinstalled windows 10 for a 3:rd time and this time i used a more updated file with the USB method. It works now, but man this is so stupid and weird....
  2. CatCloud

    Chrome wont load ANY website.

    Aye Sir.
  3. CatCloud

    Chrome wont load ANY website.

    Tried that, It was On already.
  4. CatCloud

    Chrome wont load ANY website.

    Already tried and it works.
  5. CatCloud

    Chrome wont load ANY website.

    Not really no and here is a screenshot when its timed out. Dont think its Adapter related as i´ve tried both with WiFi and cable from the computer. Ill try updating bios and drivers and all that mubojumbo and se if magic happens, although its weird as hell ONE browser gets effected.... The Elder Scrolls Online.lnk
  6. Error message in Chrome : ERR_NETWOKR_CHANGED and ERR_TIMED_OUT (went from one to the other) Info: Windows 10 (yeeeep) version 1803 Edge works fine (no surprise) Fresh install on a new build, updated and thats about it. Chrome version is 72.0.3626.96 (official build) (64-bit) Right so for whatever reason Chrome wont do shit, it worked fine before i left to work and i had this issue yesterday as well, formatted and reinstalled windows 10 again and well...here i am... Works fine on android phone over WiFi, works fine on this windows 8.1 PC im on now and works fine on the Laptop with windows 10. Ive also tried reinstalling Chrome with no luck and Chrome is the default browser. Tried these things but nothing helped OH and Firefox Works...so something is wrong with Chrome or something is messing with Chrome.
  7. CatCloud

    Monster Hunter World

    It doesn´t last time i checked, not heard any news they added that support. Are you having low FPS or something?
  8. 63 FPS? shouldnt your character be flying forward at that fps? something something more fps = more moving speed. Rather interesting how your experience is the completely opposite of what ive seen from others. Constant Dc, save not saving and you end up with 40 min lost progress when lost connection, enemies invisible and cant die when shot at, although you can melee them, God rays going trough hills and buildings, Textures not loading, graybox lakes/ponds/rivers (i had these two during the beta) I dont know wtf is going on but right now im sitting here with my copy of the game and ponder if i should install it or return it, might wait another week and see in witch direction the wind blows but right now it doesn't look good, for the record F4 ran sluggish but much better and seeing as this game is just the same game but on a different map, online and a handfull of minor changes...thats an odd turn.
  9. Interesting how people with older gpu´s are having a better experience then me. I have a 4960k 8 gb ram and a gtx 980 and it ran like shiiiiit. Medium made it playable but it was dancing around 25 at best, not sure if there is something wrong with my PC but boy did i have a terrible time. Aside from performance issues the game was a buggy mess. Anyone else had enemies stand around in a T pose and warping molerats?
  10. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    yup, good old Manley man Scott.
  11. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Worth watching.
  12. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Agree, i 100% doubt Luke was dumb enough to not teach her some basics, sure she was a busy woman but during pregnancy moments or whatever there might have been 1-2 weeks of time to teach her SOMETHING, especullay because she is a Skywalker. I mean fucking Rey can pull force moves out of her ass with no training at all, why couldnt an older woman that is a Skywalker AND has a Jedi brother not do it right? Or she might just have figured it out herself, she wasnt exactly an idiot, ever.
  13. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Long as fuck but for those that have time it might be worth listning too because it will also be like this thread, alot of back and forth.
  14. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    @LAwLz damn you are laying down good points As for the hyperdrive ram, i can only think two reason that worked. It was still in the early stage of the jump or it wasnt a fully charged or a real jump, kinda like a sideffect from not having enough fuel. Rose could have been replaced by Poe tbh for a mischievous bro adventure. Edit: Wops, double posted..da´ng it.
  15. CatCloud

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    They didnt regain the control of the entire galaxy, also that was just one of there (main?) bases that was blown up, Snoke and his fleet wasnt even there. I agree that the Dreadnaught scene was stupid, as for you quuestion regarding bombs, Nukes inside the shields. and yeah the Snoke death scene was weak.