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  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    yup, good old Manley man Scott.
  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Agree, i 100% doubt Luke was dumb enough to not teach her some basics, sure she was a busy woman but during pregnancy moments or whatever there might have been 1-2 weeks of time to teach her SOMETHING, especullay because she is a Skywalker. I mean fucking Rey can pull force moves out of her ass with no training at all, why couldnt an older woman that is a Skywalker AND has a Jedi brother not do it right? Or she might just have figured it out herself, she wasnt exactly an idiot, ever.
  3. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Long as fuck but for those that have time it might be worth listning too because it will also be like this thread, alot of back and forth.
  4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    @LAwLz damn you are laying down good points As for the hyperdrive ram, i can only think two reason that worked. It was still in the early stage of the jump or it wasnt a fully charged or a real jump, kinda like a sideffect from not having enough fuel. Rose could have been replaced by Poe tbh for a mischievous bro adventure. Edit: Wops, double posted..da´ng it.
  5. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    They didnt regain the control of the entire galaxy, also that was just one of there (main?) bases that was blown up, Snoke and his fleet wasnt even there. I agree that the Dreadnaught scene was stupid, as for you quuestion regarding bombs, Nukes inside the shields. and yeah the Snoke death scene was weak.
  6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    I agree about Rose and Snoke and thats an interesting idea that wasnt the real snoke, i mean if Luke can Project himself across the Galaxy why cant Snoke channel the force trough a fake body right? Regarding Leia, it make sense, as you pointed out, she is strong with the force, and a reminder, you dont have to be a Jedi or Sith to use the force. She isnt fully Trained, but im pretty sure Luke gave her SOME basic training regarding that. Hell even Rey was able to use the force peachy without any training. Not to mention the Kid at the end used the force to grab the brush. again, she aint trained, but Luke must have given her pointers for her own safety. As for the whole Not dying in SPACE, well thats not unique to her, other Force users have done it too, like Darth Vader. but yeah Vader was trained but he did it a lot easier and didnt get stuck in a sickbed afterwards. As for Rey´s parents, could have been a lie from Kylo, but her being another Skywalker? No thanks i rather her be some grandchild of Ben kenobi while he was on Tatooien the later left to Jakku or even Lando´s Kid. Yes the Temple was there, Luke rambled on about it a few times, no to mention those books. And if i remember correctly Leia knew what Luke was doing, she just didn't know where he was but she was aware of the map, same as the enemy, they knew because Luke stole parts of the map from them. Also JJ is JJ i blame him partially for the way the movie was done, its the same "issue" with Transformers.
  7. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    Let me lend you a hand. 1: The Ship didn't run out of fuel, it was CLOSE to run out of fuel, and the warp ram was a last resort that really only worked because the enemy were busy shooting the smaller ships and also thought the big one was warping AWAY, by the time the ship had turned they couldn't react well enough to stop the jump, besides would you waste a capital ship if there was an option (that failed yes) to escape WITH it? and yea MAYBE Poe wouldn't have agreed to the escape plan if Laura Dern did tell him of her own plan but thats just a MAYBE. Honestly they could have done other options as well like you said, ram the big ship earlier, but incase you forgot, the enemy fleet didn't completely blow up, the Rebels would have been hunted down before reaching the planet, those smaller ships are slower then the bigger once. Not to mention, those smaller capital ships had less fuel and less personal capacity, Leia was wounded AND the enemy would have done something like dodged the warp ram or at least some of there ships would have avoided it meaning there would have been at least 1 Star Destroyer still fully functional to hunt. heck maybe even Snoke would have halted the warp with the Force. 2: Luke didn't leave behind a map to be found, it was a map to find that Jedi Temple that Luke used and R2D2 stored in his databank that the Rebels wanted to find him with thus "a map to find Luke Skywalker" 3: There entire leadership died except for Leia + low fuel + enemy can track them trough warp + enemy is bringing the BIG ship in ...idunno man, i would be scared as well. Starkiller base was a system/planet destroyer, not a ship destroyer. sure if you´re in its line of fire or too close you are dead but its slow as fuuuuuuuuuuuck, you could just warp away So its not THAT scary unlike a bunch of big ships on your ass that you cant run away from. its like being hunter by a bunch of dogs, but you know there is a Battle tank out there as well busy shooting other stuff, what is scarier? Dogs hunting you, or the tank that could fuck you over but is busy ? 4: The start of the movie was kinda like EP 5 from 4, at one point they are celebrating the destruction of Death star and in the next movie they are on a ice planet.... same thing if you ask me except they cut out the ground combat and moved it towards the end of the movie and made it shorter and the enemy lost that fight rather then won. 5: plot holes? between movies or? i mean between movies are normal, but mid movie? when? I agree it wasnt perfect but no movie is , but people are giving it aliiiiiitle too much crap prob because another one of there dream heros died, Ray wasnt another Skywalker or in my opinion, Snoke died too soon not to mention the Dreadnought in the beginning "facepalm" Rotten tomatoes ? really? thats like trusting IGN for games.
  8. Star Wars: The Last Jedi thoughts? (Spoilers ahead)

    I agree that everything happend too fast, Snoke was properly introduced...AND HIS GONE! ...wait what? Its like they took The Return of the Jedi and 2x the speed. But Overall it was good, i love how Leia used the force! that was legit and cool. The First order: These guys REALLY lack experiance and you can tell, there chain of command is too young and too stupid, its no wonder the Resistance/Rebels could troll with them, they lost a fucking Dreadnought SO EASY! TF is up with that ? that scene honestly was not great, not to mention how all other Ships just stood there and didnt even scramble there fighters or anything, one turbo laser from the other Star destroyers should have been able to knock down the Bombers. Luke: Its like he learned alot from Han Solo on how to be sassy, no surprise though seeing as he was bro with him but there was alot of "Mark hamill" in old Luke as well that was really noticeable. Young Luke never had that playful attitude before, it was fun but i like how Mark behaves but it was weird because he was Luke not Mark. Kylo: This guy...when he is calm he is interesting, when he gets angry he is a loose bullet, weak and pathetic, cant wait for ep 9 to se what happens with him. Rey: I like that she isnt another Skywalker or whatever. Good job there but dang, So the Skywalker family is down to 2 now i guess. Also i disagree that Leia being there was just to connect to the old stuff, she is a good general and leader and smart enough to know that the Empire wouldn't hold there promise.
  9. Would YOU go into space with no prospect of a return journey?

    In this day and age, no. in 100+ years? maybe if im still alive and tech has evolved.
  10. Havent been paying attention at cases these past years so im not sure whats new, good or shit. Rocking a TT Core X9 now and its ...a tad to big but at least two 420 (3x140) rad fits in it and its modular. So what im looking for is a case with a horizontal Motherboard layout or a vertical but with the I/O poking out from the top instead of the back. I want it to be as compact as possible but still have room for at LEAST 1 420 (3x140) radiator. If possible i also want it to be flexible/modular in a way. limited HDD space, i dont want one of those 8+ HDD cages that i will never fill up, max 4 is fine. windows doesnt matter dust filters Somewhat easy to work with inside. fan controller is a bonus but not a must im ok with a case that is tall, in fact that would be great Matx or ATX at max. Custom loop friendly to some extent. No price limit, so go for it. For example, the TT Tower 900 was interesting but its too big, too much dead space in it.
  11. Which Game should I buy for my new pc?

    True that, but its kinda silly that "only with the right settings" is the game good...or challenging.
  12. Which Game should I buy for my new pc?

    amatures.... What genres do you like? @JoshPJ Its easier to suggest good games if you mention genres you like or are interested to try out, this way you wont waste cash by blindly following suggestions that might just not be your cake. Also as stated above, if you have Xbox One games, some might let you get it for free on PC, i dont know how that process works (because fuck Win10) but if you do you should look it up. PUBG wont run very well even on Low on your Pc for nor would i recommend it at its current state anyways. Farcry... well anything after 2 is IMO pretty boring after the first 5 hours.. and Wildlands is actually a similar game to Facry, i would recommend Siege over it...

    Depends on the games but for the most part medium or low.
  14. How long till upgrade

    CPU and RAM is fine, your GPU could use an upgrade IMO. It´s usually the GPU that holds one back. As for how long an upgrade will last depends what GPU you would jump to.