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  1. Would YOU go into space with no prospect of a return journey?

    In this day and age, no. in 100+ years? maybe if im still alive and tech has evolved.
  2. Havent been paying attention at cases these past years so im not sure whats new, good or shit. Rocking a TT Core X9 now and its ...a tad to big but at least two 420 (3x140) rad fits in it and its modular. So what im looking for is a case with a horizontal Motherboard layout or a vertical but with the I/O poking out from the top instead of the back. I want it to be as compact as possible but still have room for at LEAST 1 420 (3x140) radiator. If possible i also want it to be flexible/modular in a way. limited HDD space, i dont want one of those 8+ HDD cages that i will never fill up, max 4 is fine. windows doesnt matter dust filters Somewhat easy to work with inside. fan controller is a bonus but not a must im ok with a case that is tall, in fact that would be great Matx or ATX at max. Custom loop friendly to some extent. No price limit, so go for it. For example, the TT Tower 900 was interesting but its too big, too much dead space in it.
  3. Which Game should I buy for my new pc?

    True that, but its kinda silly that "only with the right settings" is the game good...or challenging.
  4. Which Game should I buy for my new pc?

    amatures.... What genres do you like? @JoshPJ Its easier to suggest good games if you mention genres you like or are interested to try out, this way you wont waste cash by blindly following suggestions that might just not be your cake. Also as stated above, if you have Xbox One games, some might let you get it for free on PC, i dont know how that process works (because fuck Win10) but if you do you should look it up. PUBG wont run very well even on Low on your Pc for nor would i recommend it at its current state anyways. Farcry... well anything after 2 is IMO pretty boring after the first 5 hours.. and Wildlands is actually a similar game to Facry, i would recommend Siege over it...

    Depends on the games but for the most part medium or low.
  6. How long till upgrade

    CPU and RAM is fine, your GPU could use an upgrade IMO. It´s usually the GPU that holds one back. As for how long an upgrade will last depends what GPU you would jump to.
  7. Was Derek Smart right?

    Corwin111 pretty much covered it. As for Derek "Smart" he is a loudmouth, dont waste your time with him. Trust me, i did my homework back then.
  8. Why do custom GPUs blow air down?

    The air goes out from all sides except top and bottom on a 3:rd party GPU. As for why, its to eject all the air full force instead of single direction pushing it like the default blower style coolers does. There really is no "Best of both worlds" cooler out there, except maybe a waterblock....for a price.
  9. Copying reddit

    Teah that one, i liked the way it behave, how it worked. This "new" one is like a picture that you can write in, it even behaves like one. Its less flexible for my usage. How do i delete a quote? how do i copy a quote? with the old one i just marked it like any text and pressed my buttons.
  10. Thats kind of AMD in a nutshell for the past generations, so calling it "current aim" is inaccurate, i would rather call it something else like..admitting to being the cheaper option, or recommended price to performance option, because i remember they said "we dont want be known as the cheaper solution" from some interview in 2015. True, however they have been on a losing streak for a few years now with a few bumps up, as for Nvidia, there GPU´s haven't dropped much in retail cost so there progress to bring down Nvidia a notch is either taking FOREVER or not working at all. Not sure but i welcome it if they do. Well we know at least Intel has jacked the prices up per generation.
  11. CPU aside, they cant even make a GPU(yet) that is faster then Nvidia´s. But its kinda the same idea as already stated between the CPUs. Its different..
  12. You just described game dev in general... Barley able to make a good game sounds weird too me, what does that mean? They cant afford it? dont have time? dont have the know-how? all of these? i mean if you dont know how, go learn, if you cant afford it, make something else meanwhile or get money so you can afford it, dont have time?..i dont even.... All above can be said to any game development really. Optional is optional, you do it later, or you do it from the start, or not at all really..i dont se the issue. IF you cant do it you obviously don´t, nor need to. if there is a demand/request for it, then you consider it and plan out how to get it integrated, if it doesnt work, well you then say it doesnt work. I disagree regarding experimenting, as i stated before, it can be integrated into future products. why wait two generations when it can be part of the next one or the one after? ITS THERE MONEY! THEY DO WHAT THEY WANT, that´s how RnD works.. blow resources on trials and errors till you get something.
  13. Copying reddit

    Oh god no, the old Quote system was better then this POS, and Reddit´s aint better then either of them, Nimrodor pretty much nailed it regarding the difference.
  14. What games? the 90% shitshow ones? or the 10% not garbage games? This thing wont split anything, its optional, and its up to the devs to integrate it if they want too. If a consumer buys this and fully expect it to work with a game that doesnt support it native then its 100% the consumers fault for being stupid and not checking before hand, or even ask if there will be. Honestly its not bad either, this might not sell well, but the tech itself has value for the future iteration of headsets.
  15. Anime Club - Heaven Society

    Soon will, and ill put on my Judge Dread face while watching it. Then i´ll critique it like Total Biscuit. Jokes aside...i hope it´s at least good.