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  1. i am asking for because i dont want get any drops in games
  2. deepcool de600 and if i choose 580 i will buy nitro
  3. 600wt psu with 6+2pin and im in georgia EU and its like 100$ because if you have this kind of value u can buy rx 580 like 100-150$
  4. so,i have i5 3470 and i want to upgrade my videocard and i dont know what should i buy,because of my cpu i think it will have boottleneck with rx 580 8gb or something like that ,please help me
  5. hi, i have gtx 750 ti2gb oc version so, i wanted to load my gpu if it will be possible so i chhanged physx to videocard from automatic after that my max temp was like 69c so my question is that if this temperature is normal
  6. everything is ok every temperature
  7. i5 2400 8gb ram rx 560 4gb 500hdd 500w psu
  8. when i m turning pc after 5 minutes my screen is getting blacked everytime what should i do please help
  9. so which one should i plug on gpu hdmi or vga?
  10. i have rx 560 4 gb which has hdmi output port and my shitty monitor doesnt has hdmi support.so what i do buy vga to hdmi or hdmi to vga.
  11. so ican plug wcihch one i want?