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  1. Thank you everyone for ur advice. Your though really help me make my decision and may the Force be with you all :)
  2. :) Thank you, I do love lazy writing too and thank you ur advice too it really help me make up my mind, I think I'll gonna go for the Hero coz the feature it provide would suit me more then the Apex
  3. If the Hero could do the job I would consider buying the Hero
  4. Hi, there thank for your knowledge and sorry for my english it's my second langues by real task I would mostly consider it to be in term of gaming
  5. Hi, I'm starting to do overclocking lately and I'm building new PC for Gaming mostly and Doing some Overclocking. I own a pair of G.Skill Trident Z Royal 8GBx2 4266mhz 19-19-19-39 and I want it to run at lower CL to about 16-16-16-36 or even lower and at least 4400mhz or higher ram speed. Now I'm deciding to buy a new M/B choices between "Maximus XII Hero" and "Maximus XII Apex" to achieve these ram configuration and be able to use them in real task. I been doing research and asking around alot of these answer came across my research "Apex is for hardcore Ram OC", so would you guys consider my goal a Hardcore Ram OC Task? then should I go for The Maximus XII Apex ( I'm not planning to do LN2 and other hardcore things) which have higher percentage of completing the task, but the Board itself lack of peripherals connectivity that the Maximus XII Hero have (5Gbps internet port for example) or a Maximus XII Hero would do the job just fine. Thank you for your wisdom guys
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy new M/B by my research i can't decide which one to pick (Maximus XII Hero and Maximus XII Apex). Mainly I'm using this PC for gaming and a bit of Ram OC for better performance, so I need an advice no these two M/B in term of Wifi ,overclocking performance (Ram) and any other advice you guys like to add. Thank You
  7. Hi, I'm looking for a tempered Glass case for ATX MB that could fit Noctua NH D15 and have a removeable PSU cover or does not have PSU cover does anyone know a case that fit this description
  8. It have to be some other time since it didn't work i take them apart and put them back in the box Thank You
  9. About 2 min I think it does not show anything on the screen just black
  10. It Had to be Display port only no HDMI?
  11. Hi, I just put together a build but I didn't have Graphic card. I got all the other part I switch on everything seem to be working all RGB up! keyboard mouse include fan spinning but then I connect it to my monitor it said "HDMI no Signal" so i was wonder if I didn't have graphic card the system is not working? P.S. Spec: i9 10900K ROG Z490 Strix G Gaming G. Skill Trident Neo 3600MHz 8x2 GB MSI Liquid 240r Samsung 970 EVO PRO ROG Thor 850w
  12. I didn't finish the build yet i was half way through and i found this problem P.S. how good was it with 1 fan i'm using i9-10900k
  13. So you mean I can use the second slot as PCIe x16 slot?
  14. Hi, guys I'm using ROG Strix Z490 G gaming wifi MB it's an mATX board and I use NH D-15 Noctua. I try to install the graphic card but i notice that the NH D15 was so big it almost cover my first pcie slot doing a horizontal mount (which still does not have enough space for the second fan) so i'm thinking about install my graphic card on the second PCIE x16 slot and I look at the manual it say this "Single VGA" = N/A what does this mean?? is it mean that i can't install single card on the second slot or since it said PCIe 3.0 x16_2 mean it an x16 slot? Thank for the answer guys
  15. Thank You, if the battery fail and i didnot notice it will it cause problem rather then fail to supply power?