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  1. The upgraded CPU could be drawing more power, which is close to or more than the power supply wants to handle, at least during boost. Maybe try using pcpartpicker.com to estimate the power consumption. Also, were the fans still spinning when the computer froze?
  2. I can confirm that it is possible to both boot from an external hard drive and to flash the bios, as long as the bios files are in the root directory. Similarly, you can fresh install windows, even over a written SSD using an external hard drive, as long as the windows media creation tools are in the root directory of that external hard drive.
  3. What is causing the clicking sound when the system suddenly turns off? Is there some latch action with the power button? If not, then try to identify where it is coming from. That component may be causing a short.
  4. Yes I did buy a faulty PSU once and was able to return it without much hassle, since I bought it in person. I explained that the item was defective and got a refund from the store the same day.
  5. Motherboard or PSU sound like the most likely. You can try shorting the power on the PSU to test it separately from the motherboard. Shorting some pins on the 24 pin connector should do the trick (though I don't remember which). If the power supply fan turns on then it is probably not the issue.
  6. Greetings forum! I have watched LTT for a few years now and I just now thought to actually check out the forum. Hopefully I can get some of my tech questions answered here and even answer some of yours.
  7. Have you tried updating/reinstalling sound drivers? They should be found in Device Manager or Windows Settings.
  8. Yes you can probably plug in both case fans and the fan and LED headers from you AIO cooler into this fan hub in the picture. Make sure the RGB hub is itself plugged into the motherboard, and that all the fan connectors are plugged in tightly (the ones on the left in the picture look loose).
  9. I have not tried this myself, but if you have extra, you might be able to use a screw and standoff from the case/motherboard. Otherwise, tape might be ok (if not aesthetically pleasing); I have been using a 2.5" SSD for several years that is only taped in place.
  10. Ikea has plenty of decent office chairs in that price range. https://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/products/?q=office chair Personally I think that the Millberget is great value and still rather comfortable.
  11. Hello all, I hope that you can help me with my new PC build. When I press the power button, the system seems to start (fans on CPU cooler, PSU and, and case start spinning), but after a few seconds (maybe 5-10) the system stops (fans stop spinning) and begins again. I believe we would call this failure to post. My motherboard does not have an indicator LED for post codes, and I don't have a PC speaker to get post codes that way either. Using the HDMI output on the motherboard, my monitor never gets any signal. To troubleshoot, I have removed my graphics card so that only CPU, PSU, Motherboard, and RAM remain (pictured). I have unplugged and replugged firmly the 24 pin and CPU power connectors, and reseated CPU and RAM (trying all slots with a single stick). I have tried clearing the CMOS, though the process was slightly unclear to me, so I could elaborate in a response. I have built a PC successfully before, but unfortunately I do not have it with me to try to test each component individually, and only a laptop besides. The PSU, CPU, and Graphics card are new, but the Motherboard was pre-owned, purchased from eBay. The listing mentions that it should be compatible with 3000-series CPUs, but the provided manual only mentions the Summit Ridge Architecture. Additionally, when I was installing the CPU cooler, the stock Wraith Stealth which comes with the CPU, I feel like I might have overtightened it. Therefore, I suspect that the motherboard might be the cause of the problem. If so, do you think I am out of luck as far as warranties and returns go? Also, what would be an acceptable replacement? I don't need anything fancy. ASRock AB350M Pro4 Ryzen 3 3200G (with stock cooler) Sapphire RX 580 OLOy DDR4 3000MHz 2x8GB Corsair CV650 Non-Modular PSU Samsung 512GB SSD