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  1. Hello, I was using my pc yesterday and I walked past it accidentally hit it a bit with my foot. I didn't notice at the time but one of my rgb strips fell down and caught in my fan. I was playing some games at the time so my components were running hot and 1 of my fans was not moving. After about 15 mins i realised and moved the rgb strip out. (I've removed it). When I felt my pc, it was hot. msi said it was running about 75 degrees. Is my pc ok? I was playing no mans sky at the time
  2. do you think i should worry about it or just leave it ?
  3. I looked it up and it talked about coil whine but coil whine sounds way different to this sound. This is a high pitched static electricity sound.
  4. I just noticed that when i put my ear to my computer i hear a static sound. It happens for about 1 - 2 seconds then stops for a moment and continues in that pattern. I moved my ear around to find where it's coming from but when I feel I have found it and i move my ear away it sounds like it's coming somewhere different. Does anyone know if this is normal?
  5. i bought a new splitter and now it's working. Thanks
  6. The right side of the splitter works for both led strips but the left side works for neither. also btw the 4 pins at the end of each led strip can be taken out i just noticed ?
  7. The rattling noise has completely stopped now btw so no problem anymore.
  8. oh yeah heres also the amazon link https://www.amazon.co.uk/WOWLED-Desktop-Computer-Lighting-Compatible/dp/B07F75PQN2/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=rgb+strip+lights+pc&qid=1592316016&sr=8-6
  9. Motherboard is a gigabyte z370m d3h and the lights are some cheap make called WOWLED of amazon
  10. Hello, I just bought some rgb strips for my pc. They were 12 volt 4 pin ones. They do both work, (i tested them) but for some reason 1 never works with the other. It came with an adapter but if i plug the adapter into the rgb header only 1 turns on. Idk why i can't use 1 ? Any ideas on how i can make it work?
  11. I can't it only happened at startup right at the start of the day. If i turn it off then on again now it won't do it. I tried that already.
  12. I can't find the software used for gigabyte motherboards to change fans speeds. I tried using after burner changing speeds and nothing made the same noise. It just got way louder