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  1. I just recently checked the UEFI settings and they all seem to be set at Auto, the voltage settings are also set to Normal by default. Have not touched anything with it.
  2. I just built my first computer after months of waiting with a Ryzen 5 3600. I just got confused that it's so darn hot, around 51c-59c even when idling, and going up to the high 70's even with light browser games (monitored with both HWMonitor and AMD Ryzen Master, ambient temp avg is around 25c) with stock cooler. I've read a few forum posts though the common thermals I see is around 40c-45c even with the stock cooler. I then decided to re-apply thermal paste because I thought the pre-applied paste dried (PSU came in dead and I had to wait for a month for another PSU to come in before I finally could boot everything up) or that I made a mistake installing the stock cooler. After applying the new thermal paste (Coolermaster IC Value V1), I only got around 2c-3c lower. Am I missing something here? I plan to upgrade my cooler anyways since 60c on just Youtube isn't going to cut it for me, but I just wonder what the hell is going on here? Full Speclist: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Asus TUF B450M-Plus Gaming Powercolor RX580 secondhand (plan to upgrade soon) 4x4 gb 2666 mHz HyperX (yeah sorry about this lol) Corsair CV550 80+ bronze TeamGroup GX2 256 gb SATA SSD Seagate Barracuda 1tb Trendsonic Styx Case (generic Chinese thing oddly similar to what Linus used for building a pc in China) 6 generic chinese case fans 120 mm, 3 front intake, 1 rear 2 top exhaust
  3. Thought the cord could only go that far with so much force, sorry. Jammed it in even more and now it's somewhat more flush inside but still no fan activity whatsoever, I was semi-hoping that that was just the problem Thought I'd mentioned those 4 screws because those were probably the only reason other than water and inappropriate contact that I could short out the unit via jamming a wrong screw in or something
  4. I yanked the PSU out of the case, re-tested with 3 fans and nothing attached. The fans still aren't spinning. Will take it for RMA unfortunately for me that'll probably take at least a month since it's ordered online. Also a few moments after taking out the PSU, the 3 prongs on it (I don't know what it's actually called) crackled quite a bit. I'm not sure if it's some sort of short circuit or what because I've used the proper screws for it.
  5. I just built my first PC after waiting for 2 months for the parts and overpaying for inflated parts; it isn't booting nor producing any beep codes, just dead. I'm looking at the PSU since (aside from the basics such as properly seating the processor, inserting the ram in their proper slots, not a misplaced standoff, or actually turning on the PSU, etc.) I've also pre-tested my RAM and Graphics Card in a computer service shop and they're working perfectly. Components: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Asus TUF B450-M Plus Gaming Powercolor RX580 (Used but as said already tested) 2 x 4 gb 2666 Mhz Kingston HyperX 256 gb Team Group GX2 SATA 2.5" SSD 1 tb Seagate Barracuda Item in question: Corsair CV550 80+ Bronze More details: I've tried shorting out the front panel power button pins and the computer still won't start. Next, I've disconnected the PSU from the rest of the computer except for the Molex fans and drives, I tried the paperclip test on it, and the fan did not move even by a bit. I even tried swapping the cable for another one but still nothing. If anyone has the same model could you please tell me if the fan immediately turns after turning your computer on (read on some forums that some PSU fans don't immediately start turning until hitting up a certain load) or if anyone has an idea on why it's not booting at all, please let me know. I can't afford having an expensive brick after working my ass off and am on the end of my wits
  6. So I got the flash drive, got to Windows 10 install, but the SSD in question is still nowhere to be found, even after I've looked at Diskpart
  7. I bought a used mining RX580 and was hoping to clean it once I received it but one of the front plate's screws were rusted and got stripped when I was trying to unscrew it. Any ideas how to remove the screw or how to clean the fins without taking the front plate off would be much appreciated
  8. I guess I will have to wait when I have a flash drive for Windows installation and the rest of my stuff if the BIOS can't detect the SSD. I was hoping it would detect it because it would with my old secondary storage HDD
  9. I just want to know how to verify if it's working or not outside of OS because I have limited resources for now
  10. Sadly I still don't have that available yet... Sorry
  11. My laptop can't boot to the OS, died a while back so I can't look up/create partitions
  12. I'm building my first pc and ordered a Kingston SA400S37 (240 gb) SSD online from a chinese seller (silly me) . Upon reading the recently added reviews for the item I got a but apprehensive because of people saying it was fake (only the recent ones hence why I was complacent in buying it) and I won't be able to use and verify it with my build for at least a few weeks. I plugged the SSD into my old laptop (Model: LG LGC50) [note: laptop can only boot to BIOS cause it died a while back] to see if it would be detected in the BIOS but it didn't. Are there other ways I could verify if I could use the SSD or is it safe to assume that I've got a counterfeit or did I miss something else such as a BIOS update?
  13. Thank you for clarifying that I was confused there for a bit
  14. Wait how do I differentiate a GPU that outputs only single link if it has a dual link DVI out, or did I get you wrong