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  1. chery

    Psu fans

    Hi guys i needed your help. Many casings have psu shrouds on which you can attach case fans. I wanted to do that but i didn't know that should i put it in intake position or exhaust. Because if its intake it will intake psu's hot air and if it is exhaust it will exhaust gpu and cpu heat to the psu.
  2. what motherboard do you suggest which will not need a bios update
  3. thats sad i thought the motherboards come with the latest bios thanks tho
  4. will i have to bios update
  5. mainly i wanted to know was if the motherboard would work with 3rd gen cpu r53600 thanks for the replies
  6. im in america budget is around 800 usd
  7. is this build fine if not what should i do [i havent built it yet] thanksssss mobo:Asus Prime B450M-A cpu: ryzen 53600 gpu: gtx 1660 super 6 gb oc