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  1. I used inspect element.
  2. So I have this USB Mic, The FiFine K669b. I have it pretty low at about 70 in the gain control by using the control center audio settings. The mic is still very loud and it has a loud buzzing noise and I was wondering how I'd be a able to solve this. The mic also has onboard mic gain settings on the mic itself and that is set to the middle setting which previously was a good balance in volume. Jus wondering how I would take steps to solve this issues since previously I had these settings and It did well for me.
  3. So I came here to ask a question. So I have a 1TB HDD currently installed in my PC and I'm planning on buying an SSD since the hard drive is not only slow, its loud. And I what I'm planning to do with the SSD is install a copy of Windows and start clean. But I'm not going to wipe the HDD since there is data I want to keep on it. I was wondering if when I use the SSD and take the HDD out, (I'm not going to use the HDD as game storage since I don't want to use it for that.) If after a little while of using the SSD and I want to see some stuff on the HDD can I just take the SSD out and put the HDD back in and have it still boot into the OS on it?
  4. So I am not that smart on this topic and was hoping that people a lot more smarter than me could help me out with this issue. So the problem here is or at least the thing I've noticed is that my internet speed is being able to somewhat bottlenecked on the device its used on. I've ran tests on Speedtest.net on an old HP Prebuilt with and old AMD Antlon CPU with 4GBs of 1333mhz DDR3 RAM. Now my internet speed is rated for 200+ mbps and the results were that on the HP, but I could definitely tell that it was extremely slow, and for good reason since the CPU is really slow it makes sense. But then I tested it against a Dell Prebuilt with 8GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM, Core i5 3470 @ 3.20 ghz. And the test on Speedtest.net was more or less the exact same. But then I just tested it with normal browsing and saw that it was really fast compared to the HP. Then, I tested it with a PC I built myself, 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz, Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.6 ghz and same speed on the test but noticed that it was blazing fast then the two other prebuilts. Just wanted to know if someone out there could explain it better than I could understand it. But also I might've answered my own question with the slow clock speeds or just an old and bad Ethernet Port on the motherboards. Oh, forgot to mention. They were all hooked up thru Ethernet.
  5. are these good speeds?


    1. WikiForce


      DL is great

      UL is little slow

      Ping is bit high if it's a server in nearby city or your own

  6. So I just got this ethernet powerline adapter after having a USB Dongle for wifi which got speeds of about 200 mbps down and 10 mbps up with a ping of 15ms. After installing the powerline adapter, (and yes, I did plug it in directly into the wall.) I was getting speeds of about 30mpbs down but keeping that 10mpbs up, same ping too. The question I’m asking here is that general browsing and YouTube videos load the same amount of time, if not faster than the USB Dongle I used. I’m just confusing on how the download speed on speedtest.net says that I am at 30MBS download speed yet having a smoother and faster connection than before. Answers?