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    Mesa, AZ
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    User Interface Design, Guitars, Music Composition, Meditation, Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi games
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    User Interface Designer by day. Guitarist and wanna-be composer by night.

    As far as platform preference, I'm equally split between Mac and PC. I've used Macs all my life in my day job as a designer as well as in my music (for recording), but I also love building PC's and PC gaming.

    I meditate daily as a way to keep myself sane and centered, and you could say I'm on a spiritual quest, of sorts.
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    Sr. User Interface Designer
  1. UPDATE MSI support got back to me on this question. They suggest I try updating to the latest Beta bios version on their website. To be honest, I originally avoided that on purpose when I first built the PC--because it's Beta--and everything's working fine save for a tiny little red light inside my case. What are other's feelings about Beta versions of bios? Again, my system is running so well now, I hate to take a chance. If things go to hell, can I simply roll back to the previous bios version easily enough? I mean, is it really a big risk or am I just making something out of nothing (I'm new to all this, btw)?
  2. I built my PC about a week ago, and it's been smooth-sailing the whole time. The computer booted up and has been running (and overclocking) like a dream. No issues whatsoever. However, my MSI B550 Tomahawk's "VGA" debug LED has been continuously lit from day-one. According to the manual, this LED means "GPU/PCIE/M.2 device is not detected or fail." Could this be because I've only populated one of the M.2 slots (the PCIe 4.0 one) with my SSD, and the second M.2 slot is empty? It's the only thing I can think of. Like I said, this PC has been running flawlessly. No errors, BSOD's, etc. I couldn't be happier. The red light is kind of annoying, so I'd love to turn the sucker off somehow.
  3. Seems like a lot of people replace the stock fan on the Hyper 212 Evo, and I might become one of those people... depending on how well this thing cools once I get it installed and start experimenting with OC-ing my Ryzen 5 3600X. Can you all throw out some replacement fan recommendations? I've done a lot of research, but there are just... so many options. Any go-to fan replacements you can point me toward?