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    Drawing, programming, video editing, games, controllers, taking electronics apart and some more stuff.


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen 7 1700
  • Motherboard
    MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
  • RAM
    G.Skill TridentZ RGB 3200Mhz (2x8GB)
  • GPU
    Gigabyte Auros RX 580 4GB
  • Case
    Thermaltake Core G21 TG
  • Storage
    Samsung 960 EVO 250GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RMx 750
  • Display(s)
    LG 27UD68, BenQ GL2460HM, Asus VH222
  • Cooling
    Be Quiet! Dark Rock 3
  • Keyboard
    Coolermaster Masterkeys Pro S RGB (MX Browns)
  • Mouse
    Asus ROG Gladius
  • Sound
    Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 Ω
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  1. Minibois

    More Badges/Industry affialiate thing

    List of every industry affiliate (every user with that title): https://linustechtips.com/main/search/?&type=core_members&joinedDate=any&group[13]=1 I'm pretty sure this forum, couple years ago now, used to have badges such as "PSU expert", "GPU expert", etc. but those were removed a long time ago. Not sure why they were removed, but I can imagine it has to do with 'enforcing the quality of the bad'. As in, the mods can't be going around checking if every "PSU expert" is actually giving out good PSU advice and is not just using that badge to spread misinformation.
  2. Minibois

    Best software for optimize windows 10

    Nothing extra on top of what Windows Disk Cleanup can do. I am not saying Windows does this stuff on its own, but if you run that program it should also give you the ability to delete those temp files.
  3. Minibois

    Best software for optimize windows 10

    Just use Disk Cleanup which is included in Windows itself. Other cleaning tools such as CCleaner do nothing extra.
  4. Maybe Displate has anything you like? https://lmg.gg/displateltt (That's the LTT sponsor/affiliate link by the way). Seems like they ship (pretty quickly) to Europe and they have a variety of artwork (which can be ordered in different sizes too).
  5. Minibois

    Viewer's Choice PC Nov 2016

    Linus can see what products have been bought, after people use the LTT Amazon link. Also, I'm pretty sure if you visited a tagged Amazon link, the stuff you buy within 24 hours of visiting that link will count towards that link.* So it's not that people specifically bought these products directly after visiting the LTT Amazon link. * don't quote me on that part, I believe I heard it some time but couldn't find a source to confirm or deny it.
  6. It.... Opens Chrome? Chrome will likely 'get the attention' of your system, meaning if it's a game in fullscreen it will probably minimize it, while windowed (or borderless windowed) games will just stay still. Or keep playing. Some games have a feature that they pause the game when you look away from it, but not all do. But really though, I am not sure what you are asking/what kind of answer you're looking for?
  7. Minibois

    Viewer's Choice PC Nov 2016

    It's not a discount code, it's what Amazon used to call an "Amazon affiliate code". You go on Amazon and buy stuff just like you used to, but when you use that link LinusMediaGroup gets a small kickback. The idea behind is that Linus shows a product, which causes people to buy the product. That is basically an advertisement, so Amazon gives Linus some money for it. All Amazon links you can find on the forum already have the code added (so this should work.. https://www.amazon.com/) The tag added at the end of a link is this: ?tag=linustechtips-21 EDIT: yeah, the Amazon link works. The tag however seems to have changed to "?tag=linus21-20" Just visiting that link and buying stuff will help out LTT
  8. Minibois

    Can someone explain how game stream services work?

    It doesn't draw the polygons, the dummy PC basically receives a videostream which it displays. It's more like watching a Twitch/YouTube livestream on the dummy device.
  9. Minibois

    New trend? This this and that.. in 20xx...

    "Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?" Ultimately a phrase like "X amount of dollars in Y year?!" or "You would actually buy that in year Y?!" are ultimately empty and easy to say things. You can apply it to anything and the best thing is, you don't have to supply any further explanation or alternatives to what you said. It's also something anyone can agree with. I like writing longer posts, which may contain like 5 different points; someone will only "like" such a comment if all/the majority of points align with the other user's opinion. While if you post very little of substance, you can more easily feel like you added something productive to the conversation. So basically, why propose an argument, reasoning, standpoint, alternative and conclusion, when you can also just meme in a thread and say meaningless relatable stuff?
  10. You're closing in towards the no life group 10K posts group!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mr.Meerkat


      But...but...it's taken me 4 years to get here...albeit I've been relatively inactive for like over a year? 

    3. Minibois


      Well yea it took me half a decade to get this amount of posts (friiiiick, I'm old), but I was most active in certain years (2014, 2015, bit of 2016) and I think that is the case with most people; they usually just have 'streaks' of using this forum a ton.

    4. Mr.Meerkat


      I mean I'm just a lurking shit poster now. I'm sure others have taken over my role of being "helpful" tho (and pcguy, energycore, dex ect. who were really active alongside meh, especially energycore). 

  11. Minibois

    BE QUIET Dark Rock Pro 4 -RAM thingy

    Yeah it will work: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/Nmhypg https://pcpartpicker.com/b/fZ3bt6 just be sure to plug in the memory before installing the cooler and think about how you can most easily manage the cooler cable before mounting the cooler. Whether it's a good idea to get a cooler the same price of your motherboard is another story.. But the DRP4 is a very good cooler.
  12. Minibois

    Cheap (or free) parts?

    Scrapyard! Otherwise, getting an old Dell or HP system from an office place might be worth it. You could also try volunteering at your school's IT dept. to possibly get your hands on some PC stuff or at least get some hands-on experience.
  13. Because you can't buy the chips, realistically, loose. The manufacturer often will have extra's in the laptop, such as more RAM, better quality SSD, better quality (IPS) screen, etc. But 200 USD extra is not something I usually see, often enough it's up to 100 USD extra for a similar laptop, but with i5.
  14. Minibois

    DT 990 pro or DT 770 pro

    Um.. Can I say I use these headphones via the 3.5mm port on my monitor, which gets its audio via Displayport on my PC and it works just great? You would get an amp if you your headphones aren't loud enough, you get a DAC if the signal is distorted. I don't experience either problem, so I don't use a separate DAC/AMP. I would at least first try out the headphones with your current audio solution, but if you need to get a new DAC/AMP, Schiit products generally look like a viable option. But as I don't have a need for these devices, I have not done too much research. Be sure to read the sticky topic on DACs/AMPs though: I am still quite a novice with this audio stuff, so I might not have the correct knowledge to form an educated opinion on it.
  15. Minibois

    Cooler Air flow

    Whichever you want, if you want it to exhaust (which you probably want), just make it an exhaust. Otherwise, set is as intake. I say you probably want exhaust, since in most cases you will intake air via the front of the case and exhaust at the back.