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  1. I have a micro ATX Mobo and its a big card so it only fits in one
  2. Well that's the new power supply i just bought actually, the problem started before this power supply.... my older power supply was EVGA bronze 500w or something like that...... My confusion is that , after the first time the problem happened.. i fixed it and the card worked for a whole gaming session, the problem reoccurred once i turned my PC off and i turned it back on to play the next day.
  3. System Specs PSU : Gamemax 600W Semi Modular 80+ RGB MOBO: Gigabyte B360M DS3H CPU: Intel Core i7- 8700 GPU: Raedon RX 5700 XT So...... One night, i was gaming... I was finished, then i turn off my computer like any other night.... The next morning i go to boot up my computer and i get a black screen.... Basically my computer boots on perfectly, my integrated graphics work just fine..... But when i turn on my PC, the GPU lights turn on and the fan turns on but MY COMPUTER DOESNT READ THE CARD AT ALL. Cant even find it in device manager or anything. After it stopped working, I got it to work like 2 times after but it was kinda random... It was basically me taking out the GPU and resetting cmos and using DDU to uninstall drivers... When i got it to work again i played and then after i was done playing, i would turn it off... and everytime i turn it off it stops... Now i havent got it to work in awhie. BTW I literally just bought a new PSU because i thought that was the problem but i was wrong... what ive tried: *Updating Bios *Resetting CMOS *Turning off integrated graphics *cleaning the card physically *Tried other monitors PLZ HERLPP <3