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  1. With tax, $746. But it turned out old corsair power supply didnt have the extra motherboard power connector so had to spend a bit more for a better PS.
  2. To clarify, the parts were from bestbuy, it wasnt prebuilt, I sat in the parking lot and shopped online looking at what they had in stock, it was a tough decision between intel and AMD because when I went from a phenom 2 to a Haswell years ago the performance was so different. I was crossing my fingers ryzen wouldn't turn out to be another phenom disappointment and it's working out nicely
  3. On a whim I built this via curbside pickup parts from best buy during the quarantine to replace my aging overclocked 4670k with an modern overclocked ryzen 3700k let me know what you think and I'd be interested in suggestions for tweaks or links to similar systems. I also run an overclocked gtx1080, I mean do I really need raytracing? Asking for a friend. Everything is air cooled with and with stock cpu cooler. Although I am thinking about getting a new cpu cooler... which one? And also how would I go about liquid cooling the gtx?