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  1. @TofuHarotoCinebenchR20 got a score of 1418 and on furmark min fps 74, max fps 80, avg fps 76, max temp. 75. (1080p no AA)
  2. @TofuHaroto Not sure if this is related, but gpu drivers I installed manually from AMD's website...
  3. @TofuHaroto Have no clue what's ddu, but I have reinstalled windows many times, due to some issues, so all drivers were wiped, after that i always downloaded latest versions back, warzone was tested when I had 16Gb of ram. (temps were edited on previous post just before you answered )
  4. @Skipple @TofuHaroto Well, I used to use 16gb of ram when tested games first time, warzone was at high setting 50fps and at low settings 60fps (Had a lot of fps drops) Fortnite was a bit better, but with the new season it runs like crap, max settings 40fps min settings 75fps. Warzone was at 1080p, and fortnite at 720p at minimum 3D resolution. Gta online runs semi ok, 55 fps on max setting and the lowest settings (no clue why) Gta 1440p and 1080p almost no difference, that's why I am wondering what is wrong? Games were tested both on 16gb dual and 8gb single (Now just 8gb because of some issues with 16gb dual channel ) fortnite was loading textures better with 16gb, but fps wise, medium/low settings 60 fps with a lot of drops. Edit: cpu and gpu temps are pretty good, gpu 40°C to 75°C (depends) and cpu at 50°C to 70°C
  5. So, I wanted to play warzone, but for some reason I was getting low fps and a LOT of fps drops, I was wondering, is it because of the cpu, gpu or ram? Fortnite also doesn't work, textures rendering only on minimal settings with 25% 3D resolution, looks really bad and I am not sure what's the problem. My pc specs: CPU: Ryzen 3200G GPU: RX 590 RAM: HyperX Fury 2666MHz 8Gb. If anybody can tell me which part is underperforming, that would help a lot, also, could that be just the game's fault?
  6. @TofuHarotoAlright, might go for the tomahawk, thanks for your help.
  7. @TofuHaroto Would a MSI x470 gaming pro max be any good/ does it support ryzen 4000? As it is on sale in my country right now. Or maybe b450 tomahawk would be better? I will look into other boards you suggest, thanks.
  8. Ryzen 3200G (For now) My motherboard for some reason keeps crashing when I am using ram slots 2/3/4, so only first slot is working (Ram sticks tested, both work in first slot with no problems) Could be a cpu problem, not sure, but still, if I am going to buy a new cpu, ab320 isn't gonna work with newer cpus.
  9. Yeah, that will be a problem for me, sorry for not including my cpu info, but I have a ryzen 3200G, will upgrade later, but first need a new motherboard, and b550 sadly is not compatible with my cpu, I would love to go for that. EDIT: Still, I appreciate your help.
  10. I want to buy a new motherboard (Ryzen), since mine is a little broken, I am currently using asrock ab350m pro4 r2.0. I can't decide which one to buy, my budget is 155€, can go a little over, but not much. Can anyone suggest me any decent motherboards? And is it possible to find a 155€ motherboard compatible with ryzen 4000 that's decent? Will a x470/b450 work with ryzen 4000? Feel free to ask for more info.
  11. Hi, I know, I am a little bit late, but I have found the problem, seems like my motherboard's 3 ram slots aren't working, I have 2 ram sticks, both work in only one slot, but when I try to boot with any of them in a different slot, pc just doesn't boot. At first I thought that cpu might be the problem, I checked the pins, they are all good. I was wondering, is there any way to find out if the motherboard is damaged or cpu damagad? Sorry for really late response. EDIT: To clarify using only one slot has fixed all blue screens.
  12. Alright, going to try that, I have ran memtest, for a while, it doesn't seem to be ram's fault, as I have tried removing both ram sticks and running with just one. Hope this time installing fresh windows will help, as I have tried to d it 3-4 times.
  13. I was trying to update drivers with DDU, it said that it's recomended to boot in safe mode, I set safe mode trough msconfig, after that I couldn't get in my pc. The tool I downloaded was listed on microsoft's website, "renee passnow". Though this has happened to me many times, once I couldn't get in my pc for 2 days, even though I did nothing to it. BTW I recently have updated BIOS, like a month ago, right now it's on the latest, thought it might help with BSOD, but it did pretty much nothing. EDIT: By doing nothing and just turning it off again, for some reason it did boot, I don't know why it works with just letting it be fully off (with psu turned off) for some time.
  14. I might have messed up something, basically I booted in safe mode, it was asking for a password of microsoft account, I typed it, it was wrong for some reason, so I reseted the password, still didn't work, I found out this has happened to other people, found this tool which you put on a usb and boot trough that, after setting it as booting priority my pc won't boot/gives no signal at all, no monitor output, nothing, fans are spinning, this has happened many times to me, ussually I was able to fix that, but this time nothing I tried helped, I tried unplugging usb, replugging all my cables in pc, unplugging ssd and hdd, nothng... Seems like it is motherboard's fault, but im not sure.
  15. Hope this is better now, I am new to this website, sorry. Never mind it's now whte on white theme, I am terrible. Ok, fixed it.