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  1. Amd seems to have superior boost technology than intel. Overclocking seems to be largely irrelevant now, particularly counterproductive to gaming. Does it only apply to x sku? Does the boost only work with certain motherboards?
  2. Sort of, there was the exception of skylake xeon which could be OCed decently with BCLK, just like the non-k oc loophole with that generation. I don't know what happened but the last 1-2 generations the xeon was still decently cheaper BUT the board price for those has skyrocketed which makes the xeon thing not worth it.
  3. Ah the good old implicit price fixing in a duopoly treatment. Why compete when you overcharge believers and devotees.
  4. RTX 2060 is a 445 mm² GPU. That's almost twice the size of 5700.
  5. So the 5700: - Rumored multiple times for the last year to be a mid-range navi card developed specifically for consoles ✓ - Announced the at the same time with the new xbox (project Scarlett) ✓ - Has the die size of 251 mm², pretty consistent with all the previous mid range cards such as the previous console gpus (~R9 270 at 212 mm² or RX 470 at 232 mm²), the 580 (232 mm²), or the 1660ti (284 mm²) ✓ This squeaks suspiciously like console-grade mid-range GPU. So... am I overthinking this or AMD is asking us $400+ for a console-grade mid-range GPU now?
  6. What? How's that good for Chinese customers? You do know that it all happen because Google didn't censor their services for the Chinese government, right? Look at Apple's store, still working fine in China. Their servers for Chinese customers are located inside mainland China. They have a separate apple store just for China, complying with all the censorship requests. China's homegrown android app store initiative is 100% for censorship reason.
  7. Huawei already has a thriving app store, it's the #3 most popular android app store in China. Hint: Google play store doesn't even make it to the top ten. My huawei phone bought outside of China has huawei app store bundled beside google play store. China has been doing the same blockage against Google for a decade now. The US should have responded in kind as soon as their tech companies try to reach the outside world.
  8. Hisilicon and Qualcomm are fabless, they don't make the chip, they design them then outsource the production elsewhere. Samsung can do both design & production. I'm not sure about mediatek.
  9. They don't. All Google services like gg play, gmail, gg map have already been banned in China for a decade now. Huawei already has homegrown app store, map and email services in China for a long long time now.
  10. I want better text support in paint. That's all I want really.
  11. That will not work for not yet released feature update.
  12. I'm digging the 1901 build 18362.1 so far. They have finally made the star menu tolerable. 4 clicks and I can clear everything and then pin my preferable apps from scratch. Only 3 games preinstalled with clean windows install. Gaming seems stable.
  13. Not in mobile. I have read plenty of reviews of battery life on ryzen laptops. Intel's offerings convincingly beat ryzen on efficiency in all of them.
  14. I noticed this when I was playing a game and playing a video at the same time, the video was stuttering even though I have more than enough resources to do both.