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  1. I appreciate the video and the response. It kind of helps me understand whats going on but doesnt really offer a solution I guess ill just have to wait for Valorant to release some update
  2. This is the only game that I play so yes this is where it happens the most i assume. Ive had my computer freeze before outside of the game but pretty rare
  3. Hello I have been having this weird problem recently and I cant figure out what is causing it or how to fix it. Basically ill be in a valorant match and at random times maybe 1-2 per game (it varies) I experience a freeze where I cant move but my character starts moving and I can hear my teammates but they cant hear me. My fps display for my monitor shows that it is greater then or less then around 1 and then the freeze happens. Every time the freeze happens i have to ctrl+alt+ del and hit task manager or wait it out or windows key. Whenever I do that I have to repeat it again because for some reason it puts my character in a locked crouch state and I have to repeat the ctrl+alt+del --> task manager. The problem is very annoying and I just built this pc. My specs are as follows if this is any help: Motherboard- MSI Z390 Ace Cpu- Intel i9-9900k Gpu- Geforce RTX 2080 Super Cpu Cooler- Water Cooler- Asus ROG Strix LC 360 MM Aio Liquid CPU Cooler Ram- G Skill Trident Z RGB 8x2 DDR4-4000 CL15 Storage- 1TB NVME SSD, 6TB HDD Power Supply- 1000W Gold. I have some pc freezes from time to time but they are very rare. I have had an instance as well before when I was in the early stage of setting up my PC where I couldn't hit the bottom left windows key but could do other things. Basically my main concern is for my game freezes, I didn't expect this to happen and it is very annoying. Again basically what happens is at random times my game freezes and unfreezes after a few seconds 1-30 or less maybe not sure, my monitor ( OMEN X 25 Gsync) displays the HZ or FPS in the bottom and when the freeze occurs the fps/hz counter is at a extremely low number. If their is anything I can provide you guys with do not hesitate to ask. I need this to be fixed I have literally tried everything. Please Please Please Get back to me as I would greatly appreciate a possible solution its getting really annoying to try to play with the freezes.