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  1. That is so detailed and great answer. Thank you much, cheers!
  2. So dual band it is then,... thanks guys... how about tplink c50 dial band router?
  3. I have a fibre broadband with single band router. The router is placed in the last room and I work from the room next to it. Before Noon time, the internet speed is quite decent over wifi like 25 mbps and sometimes 40mbps, but then towards the afternoon the speeds drop to even 2-3 mbps, if I move closer to router and plug in the LAN, the speeds go-up to 50 mbps i.e. the plan limit. The service provider says to upgrade to dual band router, but i somehow feel it is lack due to more users on the network that are choking speed, and nothing to do with dual or single band router. Thoughts and suggestions.