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  1. Here is benchmark test, Already tested my PC Power supply using another Power supply, still same
  2. I did, Updated Windows (Installed 3 Times Different Versions and Now im using Latest one) Update Mother Board Drivers and Firmware Update VGA Drivers And VGA Firmware (Installed 7 Different VGA Driver Version and now i\m using Latest NVIDIA Drivers )
  3. I used DDU and Uninstalled Driver (using Safe mode). and i try 7 Different driver versions. and 3 Different Windows Versions, but No luck :(
  4. Hi I have MSI Gtx 1060 3GB oc card, And Its Stuck 139Mhz every time, before Few weeks ago Its Work well, without any issue. any solution for this ? PS - Some time when i turn on pc. VGA work Very well Same as previous without anyy issue only for 5 - 10 min, abut again its Core Clock speed 139MHZ
  5. Hi, Are you fix this Issue? Im facing same Issue For MSI GTX 1060 3GB Oc version, Any Update For this?