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  1. How long is the USB cable on the C310, on amazon it recommends a USB extension.
  2. The best option I found so far is Assetto Corsa which is not out yet unfortunately.
  3. I am going to use it mainly for streaming, so it will just be a small part of the screen in the corner that will be shown, so it dosnt need to be very high quality, I think. I DO NOT want it to have a microphone and I need it to have a mount for the top of my monitor. Thanks in advanced for any webcams you guys can suggest me.
  4. Ive been looking around the internet trying to find some good racing simulation games for PC (I want to get a G27 racing wheel or similar, with pedals and gearshifts and all that) but I can't seem to find anything. I am mainly looking for a variety of cars to drive a lot of customization and upgrades similar to forza. Thanks in advanced for any help you guys can give me. -- Also if anyone knows good steering wheels / pedals other than the G27 please let me know
  5. I got sky ui, sksi, deadly dragons, and pise. I will hopefully find more I want later, thanks everyone for the feedback so far!
  6. I used to play skyrim on my xbox 360, I "beat the game" (mostly saying this because I got to a point where all combat was way to easy, I only play on master) with an archer, a mage, and a warrior. I only actually beat the main story once, but I did other quest lines and such many times over these 3 characters. They were all on master from start to finish and ended with me being bored because nothing was a challange. I just recently bought skyrim on pc because of the quakecon sale, hoping I could get into it again and enjoy another playthrough. I noticed that they added legendary difficulty, which I tried right away and stopped within 30 minutes because it was simply not fun to have to take that long to kill things, but Im sure it is a good difficulty for late game. My problem right now is finding a way to play skyrim again without being bored. I already made a warrior and a mage and felt the same things I did when I played on xbox 360, My warrior will get insane armor and weapons and be untouchable (Usually playing a breton with armor and other buffs to help with magic resist), My mage had such rediculous conjures that I didnt even need to fight most battles, and when I did I was also untouchable because of enchantments and range advantage. My main problem is that I really like being as effective as possible (and yes, on my archer I NEVER used anything besides my bow, even when they were right in front of me stabbing me), I didn't use any exploits on any of my other characters, but If I could spend all my gold to get a high level in smithing/enchanting/alchemy, which eventually became way to overpowered, I did it because it was the most effective thing I could do. I would much rather use 1 type of fighting (1 handed warrior for example), instead of using a bow and switching to 1 handed when they get close, It would eventually lead to me having a mediocre skill at both archery and 1 handed and wouldn't be nearly as effective as spending all that time leveling up 1 or the other. So my first main question is if there are any mods that will make for a way better combat system, ESPECIALLY when it gets to the late game, there was always a breaking point, usually around levels 40-50, where I would get strong enough equipment/spells that nothing would be a challenge (quite literally nothing, dragons where simply something I swiped at once, regaurdless of the type, any bosses or dragon priests were easy enough to kite and take out, If I needed to kite at all.) Thanks to anyone and everyone who take the time to read this and give me some feedback. I do really love skyrim and I am hoping I can find a way to enjoy it like I used to. P.S. Content is NOT the problem, I am looking for a "better" way to play the game. I still have not done everything, but pretty close to doing everything if you combine all 3 of my main characters from xbox 360.
  7. I guess I will change my question to be more specific, What android phone will be most similar to an iphone, in terms of size and usage.
  8. This will be my first smartphone. I am looking to replace my ipod touch 4g which just broke. I don't want any of the new "top of the line" phones, and I don't want to spend a lot of money, I don't really have a specific budget but I don't know enough about phones to just look at the ones and display and see what I want. Like I said, I am looking for a replacement for my ipod, something that can do similar things (not an iphone, I wouldnt need to ask if i was willing to get one of those) I am probably going with some sort of android device, I am just wondering whats out there that can let me download apps, listen to music, play games, watch youtube and browse the web on a browser, pretty much everything a device like an ipod touch could do. Sorry if this is a really general question, I tried to be specific with what I want. Phones I have seen that I could potentially get might be something like a galaxy s4, but that may be too expensive. Thanks in advance for any feedback you guys can gie me, hopefully someone can suggest a phone I end up buying soon.
  9. I am using MSI afterburner. My first question is if it is safe to put the power and all the voltages at their max and then mess with the clock speeds until I find what is stable. I have had the power limit at max since I built this computer but I dont know if it is safe to have all the voltages maxed out or not. And if I should max the voltage, should I max all 3 of the voltages? (memory, aux, and core). So far (without overvolting) I havnt been able to overclock my core clock not much at all but I can overclock the memory just fine.
  10. Thanks for all the info everyone, Hopefully I can grab myself another MSI just to be consistent, sold out on newegg but I can get one on amazon right now.
  11. I currently have a MSI GTX 660 Ti power edition and factory overclocked. The base clock (on the box at least) is over 1000mhz. Some GTX 660 Ti's that I see that I could buy have as low as 915mhz base clock speed. Will every possible combination of GTX 660 Ti's work together in SLI? I am hoping to get either any MSI card if I can find one (mainly for looks in my case), But I will be more than happy settling for another card, hopefully something like an ASUS. Thanks in advanced for any answers. i5 - 3570k at 4.0 ghz 8GB 1600mhz ram MIS G45 motherboard HX 850 power supply ONE, hopefully two soon, GTX 660 Ti (not overclocked) I think this is all relevant information for this topic about my system. edit - Do they both need to have 2GB of vram?
  12. I want to eventually upgrade and buy another GTX 660 Ti (MSI power edition) when I "need it". Im guessing that will be in about a year, maybe longer. I was wondering if anyone had any predictions based on previous products to when I will NOT be able to pick one up. When a new generation comes out (I know there are some 700 cards out now), should I get one as soon as I can or will it be safe to wait until they release more cards? And by "need it" is when I will actually need more power to run modern games on high-max settings at 1080p. Right now I am fine with the performance I get on all the games I play.
  13. I have an MSI G45 motherbored, When I have it at default settings and stock speed, 3.4 GHz, it will drop to 1.2 - 1.6 GHz when I idle at the desktop with nothing open, When I overclock it to 4.0 GHz, it never drops no matter what I do, should I be worried about it always running at 4.0 GHz even when I am "afk" and not doing anything.