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  1. Fired up AC Odyssey too and it dosen't seem to get passed 67C, I will do some more testing and tomorow(I am from Europr) i will tell you exaclty how it goes. So far it's better
  2. I know it's low budget, i didn't want to invest a lot in a 200$ cpu that i use mostly for gaming
  3. I updated it from their site in march, don't think there is a new update (The mobo is Asus)
  4. Did that and here are the results using heavyload as the tool, with the case panel down it got to 65.6 and with the case panel up it got to 66.47
  5. I use ryzen master and core temp, the cooler is seated tight and the thermal paste was ok when I placed it, I will check it again.
  6. Hello guys, I bought my pc parts a few months ago and it had cooling problems since the first day, my ryzen 5 would have gone up to 84C in full load with the stock cooler. First thing i did was to buy an Aftermarket cooler(This one https://www.amazon.com/DEEPCOOL-GT-BK-Motherboard-Supported/dp/B074P3JCXX), an improvement has been made but it still goes up to over 75C. After this i tought it was an Airflow problem because my gpu would overheat somethimes too, so I bought another 2 case fans, now the GPU never gets pass 65-67C,but the CPU it's even worse, today got to 78C. A lot of people never hit this temps with the stock cooler and 2 fans, i got five and an aftermarket cooler and it's almost useless, can somone help me?