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  1. For the first year or so I had this computer it would turn on perfectly fine just as you'd expect recently sometimes when I turn on the computer I get stuck on the screen showing my motherboard and yet sometimes it turns on perfectly. Does anybody know why this is is or how to fix it Thanks thanks for your time and replies.
  2. im wondering if bluestacks is safe for my windows 10 pc. does it have any adverse effects on my pc? for example, slowing it down, stopping it from sleeping, adding a type of malware. also what would the best settings be for me to use to minimise the impact it might have on my pc's performance? sorry if all that didnt make sense, hopefully it did though. thanks
  3. However much it is its enough to be annoying for me. I do notice a performance drop every now and then
  4. it decrees my cards performance in games when i use it to watch videos at the same time. using the igpu for watching the videos would take some strain of my card
  5. I have a graphics card but i want to enable my integrated graphics so that i can use it at the same time as a second screen. at the moment in the video settings in my bios the option "enable if primary" is selected. the problem is i cannot change this setting because the option is greyed out and doesn't let me change it. so what do i do? can i do anything to change it? just in case its useful my motherboard is an Intel Desktop Board DQ77CP thanks for you help