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  1. What PSU would you suggest? I'm a noob to pc building.
  2. I am in a hurry because the prebuilt I have bought and decided to return is about to be at the end of the return policy and I don't want to be without a pc for long.
  3. Is this a good budget gaming pc? Are there any improvements I could make without spending more money? https://pcpartpicker.com/user/coolmatt4321/saved/ydq68d p.s. I have 2x 4tb hdds already, but did not want to add them to the list.
  4. It's an HP 8643 erica 2, there isn't much about it online but I have found it does not have XMP unfortunately (never buying prebuilt again). How do I find the fabric clock?
  5. I recently purchased a prebuilt pc with a ryzen 5 3500 and would like to upgrade the trash 2666mhz 20-19-19-43 8gb memory to something better. What is the best memory for cheap that will pair well with my CPU and get me atleast 16gb. p.s. My motherboard only has 2 dimm slots, but it is dual channel.
  6. Will that do a full backup of all files and the windows OS?
  7. I'm looking for the best, free, disk imaging and/or cloning software that does automatic, scheduled backups.
  8. Ok, I will probably leave it alone then because I don't trust myself not to mess up installing it.
  9. Do you know how I could go about modding the bios? I can't find any good tutorials online.
  10. So there is no way to overclock it without a bios mod?
  11. I recently purchased an pre-built HP computer and I am trying to overclock the ram. My issue is that the BIOS is locked and/or doesn't have the option to enable XMP or overclock the ram. Is there a way around this? Or is there a way I can install a different BIOS? I've heard of BIOS modding but I don't know anything about it.
  12. I recently purchased a pre-built HP desktop and I'm looking to overclock my RAM but the HP BIOS does not have an option to enable XMP or change RAM speed. What am I doing wrong or do I need a different BIOS?
  13. I have a 4 GB micro SD card that was in a Samsung Galaxy S 10. Because it was filled up I'm upgrading to a 128 GB card and I wanted to move my data over to the new card but when I try to copy the data over, the copying process freezes(presumably from corrupted files). I have tried using unstoppable copier, robocopy and xcopy but none have worked. Robocopy is the only one to not freeze but it only copied the folders and not the files.