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  1. @TofuHarotoSo i was worried for nothing? It's not problem?
  2. Specs: -i5 6400 -8GB Single channel (2133) -GTX 1060 6GB -M.2 NVMe 256GB / 1TB HHD -Gigabyte h170-d3h motherboard • Theres an annoying problem that happens to me, Which is once i open the task manager it appears that something called "System interrupst" that uses 100% of my CPU utilization And then when i wait for like 30s~ my CPU start to chill out • Is there any fix for that problem? I searched everywhere and found nothing.
  3. @minibois i'm getting G.Skill 4x8 3600Mhz CL19 should i change it ? (i didn't order yet)
  4. -Why intel CPUs performs better than AMD in gaming? -Do i need a fast memory for ryzen CPUs? (3700x)
  5. @RAS_3885Thank you brother, you really helped a lot.
  6. @RAS_3885 he's playing on 144 refresh rate 1920x1080 res he plays pubg often, and msi afterburner shows that the gpu usage is about 40% to 60% and rarely 80% temps are very good and nothing wrong with it. And he also rarely have stutters ingame for example GPU is 50% it goes immediately to 3% and it goes back to 50% I know the gpu should not be 99% everytime, it can be 50% usage and you got 200Fps. it's possible. but he's not getting as much as he should be.
  7. @gloop not sure what is it but i'm pretty sure it's not cheap
  8. This is my friend's pc and he's not getting 99% or at least 80% GPU Usage at most of the games. and we were thinking if the gpu is not getting enough power so here is the specs: MSI Gaming X 1080 Ti I7 8700k (Stock) 32GB 1TB HD - 120GB ssd Is 500PSU enough for it ?
  9. @Void Master it's from my previous build i have everything except the cpu and the mb
  10. @LordWk so should i change my 1060 when i can afford new graphics card?
  11. @gloop Video editing after effect/vegas pro gaming & multi tasking
  12. AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 32GB Corsair 3200Mhz GTX 1060 6GB M.2 256GB (Boot drive) 1TB storage (Games) GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE I already have everything but the cpu. Is it ok with these components? Is there any advice? Is there any bottleneck?