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  1. yes last bios time is 15 seconds. Might even be 18. Im at work now and the exact number has slipped my mind
  2. I have an NVME m.2 ssd but my boot time is around 15 seconds. It was booting faster when I had a HDD. Any help would be amazing.
  3. No but i think im going to have to do that tomorrow.
  4. Nope there has been no recent updates and all drivers are up to date. All been checked. When I run windows troubleshooter it says the DNS server is not responding and then it will reconnect but the speed it very slow.
  5. Its actually a decent MSI B450 Board mate. Don't bother commenting if you're not going to try and solve my problem. If I had the option to hook it up to ethernet I would but I'm not in the position to do that. Found your comment very rude.
  6. Yes I have the Antennas screwed on and its just the one that came with the MSI Motherboard. This is a brand new board and I have seen 200Mbps on my PC when running the speed test but it has dropped for some reason. I have tried reseting WiFi, moving my PC in different positions and ive also tried and wifi extender but nothing is working
  7. Hello my WiFi Speed is 200 Mbps. When I do the speed test on my phone I get 200Mbps Download and 20Mbps Upload. When I do this on my pc which is right next to my phone I get 10-40 Mbps Download and 5Mbps Upload. This is causing me to lag in most games. Ive tried everything and im 100 percent sure it is not my WiFi thats the problem. Any help would be really appreciated.
  8. Hello I have and MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Mobo and when I put the WiFi antennas on the internet speeds becomes very very slow, almost unusable. I've been trying to adjust them and position them better but I get no improvement. When I take off the antennas the WiFi is faster. The antennas was working great before and I was getting download speeds of 15-20 MB/s but now without them its 1-2 MB/s.
  9. I dont know what you mean sorry. I have not set anything up like that I just built my PC and connected it through wifi
  10. I have tried everything. I have reset the router and network settings. When i run windows troubleshoot it says "The default gateway is not avaliable" It is driving me insane. It will show that is in connected but won't load any websites then start to show No internet access again.
  11. https://ibb.co/ZdhL73L Any help? Im waiting ages for downloads.
  12. I have an IKEA desk with a dual monitor mount clamped onto it but the mount has bent the surface top so the monitor mount bends forward. Any sturdy desk anyone could recommend? Thanks
  13. yes wifi and internet is fine for every other device in the house
  14. My pc was working fine this morning but then suddenly the wifi stopped working and it comes up with no internet access the bottom right.