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  1. Why doesn't she just build herself a PC? I suggest an Asus ROG laptop for her or a Lenovo Legion is also pretty good I suggest her to get an Asus ROG laptop
  2. That's a good point. but learning resolve and premiere pro take a lot of time, so I think op should go with something like vsdc or olive video editor get experience and then switch to resolve or premiere pro. Most video editors work and look fairly similar. Olive interface is fairly similar to premiere pro's and resolve's.
  3. Since you are a beginner video editor, I suggest you use VSDC or Olive if you've never seen a video editor before. Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro are for the people who have experience in video editing, but since you don't have any experience, I suggest you start out with Olive video editor or VSDC and upgrade to resolve or premiere pro when you have experience. In terms of VSDC vs Olive, VSDC has more features, but Olive has a better user interface, but both are excellent for beginners. Op does not need premiere pro or resolve just to put clips together. Windows Movie Maker does that just fine too. Premiere pro and resolve are for the pros who have experience, op doesn't have any experience, as stated, so he should go with something like vsdc or olive which are free and easy to learn for beginners and have tons of features.
  4. I would have my better monitor in the middle, the one I use most often, and my secondary monitor on the side, for me the left since my pc tower is on my right. That's how I like it
  5. Yes, your Intel HD 4000 graphics support up to 1440p resolution through HDMI. No, your graphics will not mess up on the colors. Your graphics will do very well with your monitor of choice That's a very good choice. Very color accurate
  6. Seems like dell is too expensive where you live? Another good monitor brand for creators is BenQ How much is a BenQ 1080p in your area?
  7. You could also go with a Dell monitor. Those are pretty color accurate and great monitors for your content creation. Get a Dell 24 inch for 1080p and I'd look at a Dell if LG doesn't work for you
  8. It's a decent keyboard. Not bad, but not great. It's good enough for me. There is a ton of key travel, so not great for very very long typing sessions, but for most regular typing sessions, should be comfortable enough, but just not comfortable enough for long typing sessions. But for this price, this one is hard to beat, for you, if you do very very long typing sessions, probably not great for you, but for most regular typing sessions, like you are a mod and I can kind of make out your typing routine on forums, should be comfortable enough for that. I'd get it considering it's low price. It's a really great keyboard for the price That's a really great current setup. My setup is just one laptop screen. Looking for a monitor
  9. Oh yeah I could just do that. Thanks for letting me know Never looked at this side of the debate. Thanks
  10. You will need to solder that wire back on there, and since you don't have soldering tools, I'd just return it and say it was shipping damaged
  11. Here is a suggestion to make forums better: I think members should be allowed to lock threads they create because sometimes after the member gets their answer, the thread gets kind of chaotic, so locking the thread will help that, and because once the member has an answer, they don't want notifications on comments on threads they already have the answer to because it's annoying, and annoying to get notifiications on threads very old, so for those reasons, I think members should be allowed to lock threads they create. What do you think?
  12. okay I could try that. I like your idea but my keyboard is very wide I have a logitech mk270 very wide I like your idea of stowing the keyboard under the laptop with a riser I could probably try it
  13. @emosun I like it, but isn't that kind of uncomfortable and bad posture? I think I will just stop using the external keyboard and just use the laptop's keyboard
  14. So basically all the time? Your psu fan is malfunctioning. Your power supply seems fine in terms of watts. You have more than enough power for the system. So it doesn't seem like your psu is under load. I think there is a setting in the bios about power management. Go to power management in your bios and look at what parts of your system use the power. That should help you troubleshoot it and tell you the problems. There is probably also a setting about the psu fan or case fans, just lower the fan speed of all the fans, psu fan, and even the case fans during idling. How do you know it's the psu. It could also just be the case fans. Just lower the speed of all the fans in the system including case fans during idle, and see what happens from there
  15. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. Didn't really know where to post it. So here is my current setup, my hp laptop, and my logitech keyboard and mouse. I love it Here is the problem, very very often, I need to fill out forms on paper, or write something on paper, my job requires it, very very often, I need to do something on paper at my desk so my work is kind of split between using a computer and doing stuff on paper. Here is the problem. I need desk space for my paperwork, but my keyboard pretty much takes up the space i use for paperwork. So how can I setup my desk that I can easily stow away my keyboard for when i need to do paperwork, and easily take it back out for when I need to do computer work? I know about keyboard trays, but my desk doesn't have enough clearance from my chair for me to do a keyboard tray. The mouse is fine in terms of space
  16. Does it work like synergy. Over network. there is a host machine and client machines
  17. I think they will be 150 dollars more than the current price of rtx cards
  18. If you've got no use for the mic, like you don't create content or do anything that requires you to record audio, then don't get it. As oswin said, a headset with a good mic is a better choice if you don't do content creation or do something that really needs good audio.
  19. What will you do with the mic? Do you do streaming?
  20. Most leaks say 3000 series cards are good. iPhone se leaks were right on the money, so I bet the 3000 series cards leaks are also pretty accurate. And yeah, I'd go with a 3000 series card too. OP as far as the rest of your build, I suggest getting more ssd storage. If you want to game at 4k high setting, you should get a 3000 series card for that or a 2080ti. The rest of your build looks pretty good.
  21. No, because even if you did a push on radiator, you are still forcing air out of the case
  22. I saw your other post about the lian li fan configuration. The corsair 150i pro is a pretty good choice for you. I'd get the corsair 150i pro with the 360mm radiator.
  23. Here is what I recommend: Mount 3 fans on the bottom of the case as intake fans Mount 3 fans on the top of the case as exhaust fans Mount your aio radiator on the side of the case Do a push fan configuration on your radiator, I suggest push to get some fresh air through the radiator due to how your case is set up, but a pull will also cool just fine and yes you need a corsair commander pro