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  1. should i be using neutral colors or custom rgb set all at 265? for the best real color im supposed to be getting
  2. this is this monitor i have https://www.amazon.com/HP-23-8-inch-Adjustment-Speakers-VH240a/dp/B072M34RQC?ref_=Oct_BSellerC_1292115011_1&pf_rd_p=13743fce-caef-55ae-adb7-0dfa34cf0310&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-10&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=1292115011&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=VSJ0MCHDH7083MY3DHWV&pf_rd_r=VSJ0MCHDH7083MY3DHWV&pf_rd_p=13743fce-caef-55ae-adb7-0dfa34cf0310 it has these color settings low blue light/warm/neutral/cool/custom setting which should i be using to get the actual color im supposed to be getting? ive been using neutral since i dont know what it should be on but im not sure if this is the correct setting for what i want should i use neutral color setting on my monitor or custom rgb all at 265
  3. ok i looked on amazon it says my monitor is only 72% srbg coverage so i should sitll use full rgb?
  4. my monitor is a ips its a hp VH240A from looking at the difference i think it supports full rgb since it looks better but i dont know 100% if it does though how can i find out? how can i tell if it supports full rgb?
  5. its just the nvidea settings that control it i mean but what im askign since full rgb is best for gaming but not tv/movies the wording on everything i have readi s bad does that mean watching online streams and stff online is bad with full rgb? or does that mean tv/ and physical dvd movies? or does that mean watching online streams and stuff like youtube videos
  6. i understand for pc gaming full rgb is better but if i watch twitch or youtube and movie streams but not actual dvd/blueray discs on my pc is full rbg good or bad? or is limited rgb overall better for everything
  7. i understand for pc gaming full rgb is better but if i watch twitch or youtube and movie streams but not actual dvd/blueray discs on my pc is full rbg good or bad? or is limited rgb overall better for everything
  8. i also changed this part so if im using a pc with monitor for gaming/watching streams/videos/shows/movies online i should be using full rgb still?
  9. im not talking about console gaming im talking about monitor with pc should i use rgb limited or full for gaming/twitch/youTube/ streaming movies/shows from xfinity
  10. so on my pc monitor i should still use limited rgb even tho full rgb looks better? im talking about the nvidea driver option im really confused on which i should use now
  11. so i changed my monitor to use full rgb in the NVIDIA driver options and i noticed it made things look alot better but i googled and did research and its saying for movies/tv that they dont support full rgb so for my pc monitor i play games sometimes watch twitch streams or online movie streams and tv streams on xfinity not actually putting a blue ray or dvd disc into my pc so should i stay on full rgb? or go back to limited rgb? does it matter if i watch tv/movies online since im not actually using a blueray disc or dvd to watch it or will that still be effected in a bad way since im on full rgb?
  12. reowin

    gta v settings

    i was told 8x msaa is the best to use with fsaa and txaa off do i need to frame scale with msaa? or do you only frame scale with msaa off or what? im on 1080p
  13. wow i feel stupid now when i maximize the task manager it shows mhz instead f the dots i just had the task manager to small so it was doing that
  14. so today i started my pc and it shows mhz not dots but after i played pubg on steam it shows dots instead of mhz is something wrong? i dont see why it would be doing this
  15. would like some more input please i turned xmp off and tested it it does the same thing so i just turned it back on after testing it why is my pc showing 3 dots instead of mhz when i power on from button but after windows restart it shows mhz like it should i know cpu z shows correctly still but this is just bugging me