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  1. ok something new when click through random things on nvidia control panel it flickers to nice correct resolution then back to fuzyness???????
  2. well it worked just fine with only hdmi with same tv setting
  3. 4k is there but still looks fuzzy when applied
  4. used gpu just brought, both tvs work correctly still without passive DP to hdmi,tried another adapter same problem
  5. separate cable, new drivers
  6. I have a 1080Ti and I have two screens hooked up. Both are 4k tvs that when hooked up individually they both can display a 4k resolution. When I hook therm up together they only want to display a 1080p signal. I have a passive displayport to hdmi adapter on one and the other is straight hdmi. What going on?
  7. How much should I be paying for a used 1080 TI nowadays?
  8. Not helpful anymore just bickering.
  9. Guys.... I'm getting the 5600xt
  10. Dude? what are you talkin to yourself. No one said anything about being confused. Lol
  11. Yeah I'll probably just go with the sapphire and go pick it up from Microcenter for 289 even if I pay 269 and get a different one online I'll be dealing with it not being here on time. Thank you guys so much for your input.
  12. What about this one if I can get it for 289 by price matching? It's local
  13. Thoughts which one? Value wise