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  1. Something like that, but it started when i tried to change RGB Fusion and RAM speed directly from BIOS, as RAM is on 2400Mhz RN, and i tried it with XMP profile 1 on 2933Mhz. After that i save and exit and it didn't post. When i normaly turn down PC and turn it again it starts again, but when i leave it for few minutes, it wont start. Currently it is working with last CMOS reset, without touching BIOS settings at all.
  2. Greetings, in general I am new to forums this type. I ran into an issue with new setup i just made. Problem is after I put new parts into PC (CPU, MoBo, RAM), PC wont boot. It turns up, RGB from MoBo and RAM works, but no boot screen. Any help welcome :D Currently in PC: CPU Ryzen 7 2700 MoBo Aorus x470 ultra gaming PSU Chieftec eco series 700 RAM HyperX predator 1x8gb 2933 (currently until new arrive)