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  1. Okay thank you! I'm guessing from your response that this drive is just another one in the sea of SSDs. It seems like a good option for me so I'll take the gamble
  2. Sadly none of those are really available at reasonable prices in my region, I did some minimal research, not many people know of it but people who have purchased the ssd say it works just fine and compares to the 970 evo, the speeds are as advertised, someone was even able to identify what components it uses and apparently it has a phison controller and some pretty solid 3d nand which means it's pretty durable. I am willing to take a gamble considering the good pricing and high speeds. But after purchasing my CPU, MB and GPU which were my most expensive components I have to wait and save up some more cash to buy the rest of the stuff. I'm kind of getting everything piecemeal to help with the money situation
  3. The price difference isn't that big, it's not really my main concern I was just wondering if Addlink is trustworthy. Edit: I can understand if Addlink isn't really known in the US... Maybe it's an EU brand so if you don't know much about it, it's fine.
  4. Hello members of the LTT Forum! I am currently in the process of building a new PC, and I am piecing together my components I just bought my CPU, MB and GPU today and actually came accross an NVMe SSD that was cheaper than the one I was intending to get and had a DRAM cache and had very good reads and writes (3500 R / 2000 W) it was also 512 Gb which is better than the 256gb one I was considering. It was the Addlink S70 512gb. So my question is: Is Addlink a good and trustworthy brand that I can perhaps compare to Samsung, Crucial, XPG etc.... In terms of SSDs? Or is this brand and SSD something I should stay away from? I haven't really looked at reviews or done any research like I usually do with PC parts, It was simply recommended by the retailer so is there anything I should know about it? Thanks!
  5. This system can maybe handle 3 years without an upgrade but maybe in a few months get a budget AIO and yes 5600XT compares to a 1660 ti or a 2060 while 5700XT is more of a 2060 super or 2070
  6. Maybe a B450M Pro4? Also ditch the H212, its not that much better than a stock cooler except for the noise, you can mildly overclock but not much but you'll at least be able to let it automatically boost.
  7. @ColdKeyboard I really like the way you're thinking about this project and I would love to contribute to it as best I can
  8. @ColdKeyboard Sometimes when using apps such as GPU control panels I have a hard time understanding what everything is and what everything does. Having simple naming for settings would be great or if there aren't any "simple" ways to put it a little explanation popup when you hover over it would be also amazing, but I understand if the latter could be a little tricky or time consuming to implement and not really worth the effort so the explanation could be at the top of the "section" or "tab" albeit at the expense of the cleanliness of the UI. EDIT: by "section" and "tab" I mean the menu you get once you click on the tab for a certain type of settings and controls EDIT 2: I also have some experience with Adobe Photoshop and if needed I could do my best at designing the look of the app (I'm not that great but nothing a few YouTube tutorials can't fix)
  9. Thanks everyone for the help, I have found a solution while browsing, I found a 480Gb Patriot Burst for 950 EGP and a Seagate Barracuda for 2 Tb for 1150 EGP which when added together perfectly meets my 2100 EGP SSD/HDD budget, so my total price hasn't changed but I have hugely increased my total capacity, the SSD does have a DRAM cache and is a TLC drive. I'm still quite unsure whether this is a good storage configuration and would really like some feedback or opinions. Thanks again everyone this has been very helpful
  10. Thank you, it is out of my HDD/SSD budget but I could go for the 256gb model
  11. I have checked out the EX900 and it uses a DRAM-Less NAND controller... isn't this bad for SSDs... Thanks again
  12. Thank you, I will use this knowledge to find a good SSD.
  13. Really??! I never noticed it, thanks a lot for your time and i'm sorry for the inconvenience EDIT: the EX900 SSD uses a DRAM-Less NAND controller, isn't this bad for SSDs....
  14. Sadly none of the drives you recommended are available in my region... I'm not very familiar with SSDs, so I might be asking for a lot (sorry) but I use these websites, maximumhardware.store/ssd and elbadrgroupeg.store/ssd you can if you want to look around and see for yourself... I have allocated 2100 EGP (1 USD = 16 EGP) to both my drives so both an HDD and an SSD within that budget would be amazing... I'm sorry again if I'm asking for too much.
  15. So I am planning to build a gaming PC very soon and I have already settled on most of my parts, except for the SSD the one I am considering at the moment is the Crucial P1 500gb, it will handle my OS and my frequently used apps but its QLC (I haven't heard great things about QLC) and i'm not 100% sure if it has a DRAM cache... Is it good enough? I will be pairing it with a 1Tb WD Blue 7200rpm (will add more capacity later on). I do have another option which is getting a 256gb 2.5" drive (Patriot Burst) and a 2Tb spinning rust which will actually reduce cost.... I need help, please.