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  1. Yeah i understand that but i already have a full tower desktop with gaming monitor and whatnot. But i want this for when im travelling, since parents and rest of family lives along way away to visit them takes some time and it'd be nice to have something to play on the bus. And then I would use it for schoolwork, taking notes in uni and stuff like that.
  2. Yeah the reason i dont want one, and even then u'd have to ferry the gpu around + the laptop so it kinda defeats the purpose.
  3. Yeah i know about the x360 but isnt it this one that had a supposedly really really bad touchpad and screen? And besides isnt vega 10 graphics, not good? atleast from what i've read and understood is that vega 10 is worse than for example the Intel Iris Plus Graphics? Correct me if im wrong. Altough right now the HP Envy x360 13-ar0802no 13,3" with the Ryzen 7 3700U and 16gb ram is on sale for 800€ down from 1100€.
  4. So I was wondering what would be the best 2-in-1 Laptop for gaming? But with a budget of 500-2000€. The idea is that i'd like it to be able to run Rocket League 60+ fps on medium settings or so and so forth. So light-ish gaming on the move. I'd like it to have atleast 2 usb-a ports and a 3.5mm jack and a 1080p display. I've found several options but with every options there is some kinda "but", either it's not good for gaming, or it's not good at all, it has a 4k display which drains battery way faster, the battery is too small and cant last 5hrs which is kinda like my minimum, like i'd like it to last 5hrs not gaming all the time but movies, or light work and stuff like that. So far the only option i've found to fit into my budger, is the lenovo yoga c940 with a 1080p display. But the problem of living where i am (Finland), Amazon, walmart or other america/canada etc. based shops arent really an.. option and prices are higher here for.. everything it seems so its cheaper to buy stuff from inland stores instead of spending 100€ on shipping and customs. But if y'all have any recommendations i'll check them out and see if i can find something around here, but if u do find smth on Amazon that's actually ELIGIBLE for shipping to Finland it's also an option depending on the price.