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  1. Current RAM is 8GB. System uses around 95% of the RAM when I run numerical simulations on MATLAB (on parallel processing). The two screenshots were for the same program which I ran in two different instances (both the time laptop was plugged in). Battery is weak now as it is 6 years old laptop. Gives around 30 minutes on full charge and normal usage. Do you think that somehow system is preventing CPU from drawing more power?
  2. I am a researcher and planning to upgrade from a 6 year old Lenovo y50-70 laptop. I will be using this laptop primarily for programming (C++, MATLAB, R and some other statistical software), word processing and multimedia (no gaming). Most of the software I use are compatible with MacOS too . I want a robust, thin and light laptop with good battery life. I want screen to be vibrant and should cover maximum Adobe RGB color space. As I will be using the laptop for CPU intensive tasks, I want an i7 processor with more than 4 cores (for parallel processing) and high frequency. I prefer aspect ratio other than 16:9 as I need more vertical space on screen. Screen size should be greater than 14 inch. Some brands I am considering to buy: Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Precision, Microsoft Surface, Apple Macbook Pro Pleas suggest some good laptop models. PS: Is Apple going to launch Macbook pro 14 inch in next 1 year?
  3. Laptop is connected to power and I did check all the settings you mentioned. They are set to better performance.
  4. Here are the screenshots of HW monitor under full load (Running a CPU intensive MATLAB program that is programmed to use parallel computing) in 2 different scenarios, (i) If my laptop is idle and then I run the program, (ii) If i restart the laptop and immediately run the program.
  5. I own a lenovo y50-70 laptop, bought in 2014. i7-4710HQ, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD, NVIDIA 860M. Recently I noticed that the laptop is not utilizing the full CPU potential. My work involves lots of CPU intensive calculations and numeric simulations on MATLAB. I use parallel processing functions of MATLAB which means all the 4 cores of my CPU engage for computation. Recently, CPU stopped going beyond 75 degrees and computations became relatively slower. If I restart the laptop and run same program on MATLAB within 15-20 seconds of booting, CPU works like a rocket and even reaches 97 degrees (earlier it used to reach this much, no matter when I run the program). If I run the same program again after some time, the CPU slows down again and doesn't exceed 75 degrees. All drivers are up to date.