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  1. I've gone back to normal lol I don't even want no overclock now I'm scared I'll mess up my pc without knowing it
  2. Hey what's interconnect? lol i just started learning about oc and undervolting yesterday
  3. Lol! For some reason the benchmarks show higher but the game performance is kind of bad (im playing at 4k so it's very noticable in some areas). Maybe I should revert back to 4.1GHz at 1.4V (Manual OC)?
  4. I tried that. High performance actually degraded the performance. The default Windows 10 balanced power plan worked better.
  5. Hey I tried the manual OC But I think PBO is pushing the limits! So i wanted to know if there's anything I could do in setting PBO up
  6. Things I forgot to mention: It did 4GHz stable at 1.32V with Medium LLC with manual OC 4.1GHz was only stable at 1.4V least
  7. Hi! I had some questions and need some answers. Please examine all of this and help me figure out what I should do. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Gaming 7 BIOS version: F4g Did a manual OC across all cores with: Vcore to 1.4V Medium LLC And it only helped me reach 4.1GHz. 4.2Ghz was asking for more than ~1.45-1.5V XMP profile for ram set to Profile 1 (3600MHz) Cinebench score - 4121 (Highest so far in my tests) Nothing failed in prime95 test too F4g is the version that has a PBO Scalar setting It was removed from newer versions of BIOS for some reason My old temps (no oc) were definitely more than this before I undervolted. They were around ~90c and idled around ~70c Overvolting helped me a lot? but, PBO is not able to push above 3999 or 4000 on load It pushes 4.32GHz on idle on one of the cores for some reason Temps are definitely better And I beat my previous 4GHz manual OC score in cinebench too PBO Settings: PBO X10 PPT 1000 TDC 114 EDC 168 vCore Offset -0.1v MediumLLC (both) 3600MHz XMP Profile 1 on RAM Max Temp Reached 84.5C Idle Temps ~50-60c Cinebench Score - 3929 I've chosen the max values that Ryzen Master showed for (PPT, TDC, EDC) I've set all of the values through BIOS. The Undervolt looks pretty stable but I feel like I could do better and I'm missing a main point here. I used 3 softwares CPU-Z, HWiNFO and Open Hardware Monitor and the readings do differ in each of them. I've included all the pictures of after OC (load and idle) and cinebench scores And the pictures of the BIOS settings I was talking about Please take a look at them here: https://imgur.com/a/9UGtW0I I'm new to OC and messing with BIOS but I really like it! So can someone please help me understand why it isn't pushing above that 4GHz or 3.9Ghz on PBO? How can I improve the performance? And most importantly help me beat that manual OC 4.1GHz Cinebench score! Thank You!