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  1. The 5700 may also be a great option at just a tad higher in price.
  2. The 16's are more budget but are also more efficient, and smaller. The 10's were last generations top tier and are still very powerful. The 16's were focused mostly for budget builds. If you are planning on a 1070 and 1080 are more powerful than any of the 16's Maybe go for an rx 580 or rx 590 as they are cheaper.
  3. You are very welcome, I am happy I could help
  4. You are correct that the rx580 would indeed be better, I actually play games and a little bit of editing with an rx 580 and have never had driver issues, the drivers on the gtx are better for overclocking, but if not you should be fine. The rx 580 can render about 1.7x more at a moment then the gtx, though the gtx is faster not that much faster. For a cooler just look for a cooler with a max tdp of at least 175w if not more. The ram that you currently use can not be used with any other ram as you can not mix ram. Look for 2 sticks of 8gb ddr3 ram 1600mz then later if you need to you can get 2 more stick of the same kind and have 32gb ram, but try 16gb first as it may be enough. To clarify on ram. Your pc supports ddr3 ram no other kind can be put in it.
  5. The radeon rx 5700xt would be best in all scenarios, but the price is about 80 dollars more. The 8gb that comes with it will be better for games, 6gb may not be enough for the highest settings in tripple a games.
  6. The biggest bottle necks the gpu and the ram 8gb is barely enough for photo editing let alone rendering. I am sitting here with just chrome open using 7.7 gb ram. 16gb should be suffice but for heavy rendering 32gb would be a much better option. the b450m motherboard only has 2 slots so to upgrade from 16gb to 32gb you would need a whole new set of ram. the more gb the gpu has the better it will perform. 4gb gpu could be a bottleneck with a ryzen 7 2700x. The rx 580 phantom would be the way to go with more memory but it also has over 1,000 more shading units and 64 more texture mapping unit. The i7 you have now has a tdp of 130w the air cooler listed can support upto 150w those numbers are very close Iadvise going for the water cooler listed which is listed at 200w tdp or a beefier air cooler. Your cpu is limited to the 1600mhz ram, upgrading to 16gb would depend on your motherboard.
  7. In the bottom left type control panel, then open it. Next click system and security, then power Options, inside you will need to click show additional plans, set it to high performance, then it should automatically run at the boost clock of upto 4.3 ghz for that cpu.
  8. This may be the limit as cpu's have over voltage protection, or you just need to try small increment of voltage until it is stable
  9. I had the same issue until I plugged it straight into the router. I found out that netgear routers have issues with switches
  10. I am only 15 but I needed a new psu and have ordered this exact one from newegg on saturday, supposed to come Wednesday June 3. Once I get thr power supply I will back to you, I should be able to tell if it's good cause before this I had a janky dynex 520w which was barely enough as I use an intel e3 1225 v3, an rx 580, and 16gb of ram.