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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll end up going with the 580 because of my budget, would love to go for the 1660 but here in Argentina the difference between the 2 cards is around 100 USD and the market is really unstable, so I want to buy at the earliest date possible! Just between yesterday and today the RX 580 went from 200USD to 220 USD and the 1660 went from 300 to 320. And I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but in pesos (Argentinas Currency) 20 dollars is 2400 pesos, thats around 2days and half of work for an above average minimum wage job. Sorry for all the unecesarry info, thanks again for all the feedback!
  2. That's the CPU i would want to get, I'm an Archetecture student and use Lumion, Twinmotion, Revit, Photoshop and some other programs that would benefit from more cores. But Right now I have to invest in a RX 580 8GB or a 1650Super 4Gb because my CPU is bottlenecked with a GTX 750 2Gb. After that I'm gonna start saving to upgrade my Motherboard and CPU, wish I could do it all in one but now really possible right now. Thanks for the reply and feedback!
  3. Glad it helped, for now I've been using One Shot Video Editor. With all my school work and job I just downloaded one to try and see if my machine would allow me to do something. I'll try your recomendation, thank you! Well the I5 is better than my CPU, mine has 4 cores and the I5 has 6 so right there it's already winning, all in all you would probably get a better deal if you were to custom build the PC since you might get a better System for maybe the same amount of Cash. Since you are just starting out in video editing, I think you should be fine with that procesor, I don't know how complex you're videos will be or at what resolutions you'll be editing so I can't really say get this and not that, also I'm not sure which video editing gains more from, if from the CPU or the GPU. But I personally would not go for the GT1030 just because I feel you wouldn't benefit from it and I also feel it really isn't a "Gaming" GPU. My CPU will allow me to do some light (480P -720p -1080p resolution) video editing, but my render time after I'm done will be longer than if i were to have a newer I7 or I5. For context, I recently rendered an animation "MP4" video walkthrough of a park in Sketchup with a lot of components in the model (medium complexity model 150mb Sketchup file size) and at 480P 15FPS 5second intervals in between scenes it took 45minutes to render a 6minute video. I do have to clarify that my CPU is currently bottlenecked because I only have a GTX 750 so that probably contributed to that time by a lot but still it was able to do it. Currently am looking into getting an RX 580 8GB or a GTX 1650 Super 4GB.
  4. I see, thanks for the reply BobVonBob, but will the price benefit really be worth it be more beneficial to change to from example a B450 motherboard with a Ryzen 5 1600AF or 3300X?
  5. I have an I7-3820 CPU 4 Cores 4 threads, if I wanted to update, is there a better CPU I could buy or am I looking at a full Motherboard-CPU and RAM change?
  6. I see, thank you. Do you have any idea if there is a better LGA 2011 socket CPU I could buy? If there isn't one I'm looking at a whole Motherboard-CPU-RAM combo change.
  7. I gotta be honest, I'm no tech genius. But I can give you feedback from my experience. I have an I7-3820 that's almost 10years old and it's still holding its own, that I5 is newer and better than mine so it should hold up. In terms of GPU's I don't recommend the 1030, would rather put a 1050 or later on it, or go with the 1660 or if you have the cash a 1660super, although there are other options out there for budget builds, but from what I understand you're looking at a prebuilt system and I don't know how flexible Dell will be to change some components. If you're going to be video editing I believe the more RAM the less headaches you'll have. I'm an architecture student and am in a similar situation as you, entering the world of light video editing (light because I'm a begginer) and only have 8Gb of RAM, I can tell you it is not fun, but at this moment I can't yet upgrade my amount of RAM, so I would try to get 16GB of RAM as a minimum, but you could also get 8Gb to start out and upgrade to 16 or 32 at a later date. I would check what socket the CPU and Motherboard has so you know if you can upgrade the CPU at a later date. Also check what frequency cap is set on the CPU to RAM, because that will tell you what RAM you can pair with the CPU. Try to always get same frequency RAM, if you have 4 slots but only 2 sticks of 4Gb 2666Mhz, then when you buy more RAM make sure to get 2 sticks of 2666Mhz RAM and not 1666Mhz or 3000Mhz. (I'm not adament about this last RAM frequency situation, but I believe that's how it works). Hope this helps somewhat.
  8. Sketchup, Lumion, Twinmotion, Photoshop, Autocad and I'm starting to do some light video editing with Audobe Premiere.
  9. Did you mean a GT 1030? I ask because I don't believe a GTX 1030 existe, I believe the "X" starts at the 50's. Also what specific CPU's are they?
  10. Hi guys, which of these cards do you recommend? I work with medium sized 3D models, some rendering, and tend to have various programs open at the same time. I have an I7-3820 with a GTX 750 (2gb). I believe the RX5500 XT is faster than the 1650S and the 1650S is faster than the 580, but the 580 has 8gb VRam and the others only have 4Gb.
  11. I've been looking at the sort of the same problem, although i have an older Procesor (I7-3820) and currently running a GTX 750 (2GB). But I'm bottlenecked, so I've been looking at GPU's and what I have found is that a GTX 1650 Super is around the same as a RX 580. But the 1650super has 4GB and the RX 580 has 8GB, and I believe that getting a 580 because it's a little cheaper. Otherwise you have to jump to a 1660 S or a later 10 series..Unless you want to get into the used market. As to your bottleneck dilema I recommend this site https://pc-builds.com/calculator/ I'm not sure how accurate it is, but gives you a general idea and is easy to use.
  12. Thank you Orange_dogg for all your feedback. Yeah the dream for me is to get to 32GB of RAM, good thing you confirmed the fact that I can only use DDR3 1600MHz as I was about to buy DDR4 3000MHz RAM thinking I would benefit.
  13. Sorry for repeting the messages, I just now noticed how to properly Respond.
  14. Hi Orange_dogg, first of all thanks for the feedback! So if I understand you correctly the RX 580 would be better for my Architecture style workload, correct? I don't really understand in depth the difference between the 2 GPU's listed, but I also found that the GTX has better driver stability (Not sure if this problem has been fixed), I can't really afford having complications. And the Ryzen 7 2700x is a looong ways away for me I believe, just because of the prices I've been seeing, so by then I may be able to upgrade to a better GPU. Thanks for the cooling input, I actually had no idea how to pick one properly, now I'll look at similarly priced models and actually understand the difference. My current motherboard has 4 slots and I think it supports up to 64Gb of RAM, have not been able to identify what