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  1. oh wow your so right, i just run again and it goes power limit...thats why i guess it spreads power with 88w to 8 core but on 3600 it spreads same power to only 6 core so thats why it boost higher all core. think i understand
  2. thanks for reply mate, i will look into auto OC ty
  3. but on box it say 4.4 so i think that it goes 4.4 when i run single core task, its normal its less? is that most people result? my friend r5 3600 all core when making cinebnech goes 4.1 all core so it just confuse me my cpu more powerful but also weaker.. ty for reply
  4. ok i check with hwinfo same thing, all core goes 3.950 and single goes 4.375, but when browsing internet i see peak on 6/8 core goes 4.4...im so confuse...
  5. Hi all i got recently 3700x and i have few questions please. So my run when i check through ryzen master shows all core max boosting making 3950mhz with cinebench 20 multi, is this normal? i hear people say it goes 4 or 4.1mhz so i think its like 200mhz lower? i attach photo. This all stock. when i do single it max goes 4375mhz... i think its strange...i have latest bios and drivers. Sorry i am noob with this but if someone check my score tell me if its normal, i think amd fuck me...i feel like they shit on me bad with low speeds... i will get hwinfo and see if it shows the same ty for read my post