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  1. gtx 1080, ryzen 5 3600, 32gb ram, 9 fans+360mm aio, 10tb of hdd, 2tb m.2 ssd https://www.amazon.com/quiet-Straight-Platinum-BN642-Modular/dp/B085ZBT81N/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=be+quiet!+Straight+Power+11&qid=1592786179&s=electronics&sr=1-2 would this be a good psu?
  2. https://www.newegg.com/phanteks-revolt-x-ph-p1000ps-us-1000w/p/N82E16817987004 is this overkill?
  3. would this be a option? https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-Supernova-Modular-Warranty-220-G5-0850-X1/dp/B07WDLTGC1/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=BitFenix+Whisper+M+850+W+80%2B+Gold+Certified+Fully+Modular+ATX+Power+Supply&qid=1592782992&sr=8-2 or this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N4C39AR/?coliid=I1EH3F2RZ1TL2X&colid=U4ZY8OSDU3VK&psc=1 maybe this https://www.amazon.com/Rosewill-Gaming-Certified-Control-Warranty/dp/B00N2KAQLI/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=psus&qid=1592784504&s=electronics&sr=1-6
  4. good choice usa 200 ish or less
  5. gtx 1080, ryzen 5 3600, 32gb ram, 9 fans+360mm aio, 10tb of hdd, 2tb m.2 ssd
  6. after i watched 5 videos about bad power supply's i am now insecure about my psu choice whats the best psu 600+ watts
  7. lian li dynamic has good thermals if you have a rad and lots of fans preferably 5-6+ so it gets expensive when using corsair rgb fans cause there 30-40 dollars per fan
  8. Im conflicted if i should get a razer blade 15 base model or a desktop with a ryzen 5 3600, rx 5700xt, 16gb ram for around the same price but im starting high school in a couple of months what should i do?
  9. there's also a ryzen 7 2700 for the same price as the ryzen 5 3600 is it worth it?
  10. that'll only give me 16 dollars back... Thats a fools cpu also ryzen 5 2600x's are fools too
  11. ryzen 5 3600 k39 msi gaming mini itx motherboard 2x256gb ssd 1 2.5" hd from seagate 16gb ram black noctua cooler low profile 400w psu
  12. should i just downgrade to a ryzen 5 1600 and get a rtx 2060?
  13. is it worth it over a 1060 for $190?
  14. im dieing ive been looking at ebay for 3 hours straight looking for a deal XD
  15. again too long it needs to be under 7in none greater that card is 9.7 in