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  1. @TofuHaroto Its set to Auto right now, but looking at the screen grabs its sitting at 1.28v
  2. @TofuHaroto Thanks for the reply, it seems like the pumps working or at least it says it is in the iCue app. Are those temps normal though? 40-50c at idle and 85-90c underload for such a mild overclock?
  3. Im new to overclocking and decided after a while to try and overclock my 5960x, I know its an older CPU but im trying to get the most out of it for now. Ive enabled the XMP profile on my G.Skills Ram to push it upto 2800mhz from the stock, this changed the BLCK Frequency to 127.3 and i've set all cores to what I thought was a modest 33, so effectively 4.2ghz according to the BIOS. Occasionally it looks like my 64gb of ram does not pick up and goes down to 48gb for whatever reason, I read somewhere turning up DRAM voltage sometimes helps which is what I did but its a bit flaky (put it up to 1.3v). Ive left everything else at Auto. Ive taken a few screenshots of my BIOS and my computer in windows at idle and just using the CPUID stress test and it seems like the temperatures are very high even at idle, this is with the AIO on Extreme (it cant get any higher/louder than it is). My room tempreture generally sits at around 20 degrees celsius. Sorry for the long winded thread, any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Haswell-E 5960x Asus X99-WS G.Skills 64gb DDR4 2800mhz with Xmp profile enabled Corsair H110GT 280mm, AIO Corsair 750d Case