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  1. So assuming I have enough assigned ip's a bridged router and devices set to DHCP should do the trick? Well normally Do you know what direction I should take if I where to use this method? Or how I would properly identify and route the traffic. b/c I do not believe I only need to assign the host a public ip and point "host-server.domin.ca" then set the hostname of the vm's to "vm-name.host-server.domain.ca"
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to sell unused server space similar Digital Ocean or Vultr. I have gotten as far to setup SolusVM setup and am planning to setup WHMCS. Is there any way I would be able to provide each vps with their own public ip? If not then can I use one IP and provide my clients with a sub.sub.domain (virtual-server.host-server.domain.ca) I my current ISP is Rogers residential but have access to Bell business Thank you, James