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  1. I'm experiencing network choke. I need to get to around 200mbs to get a good 1080p 60fps NDI. Right now im only hitting 100mbs on my task manager. Ok ill try running iperf let you guys know what it says. *EDIT* Update: Just ran Iperf and I'm getting 1.0GBytes transfer and the bandwidth is 935Mbits/ Below are the results
  2. Hi there! Recently I set up a NDI between my streaming pc and gaming pc. But I have been getting some delay :( I am trying to record and stream at 1080 60fps. But people have mentioned that you need 100+ MBS between both your computers to achieve that. Currently my task manager says my network is maxing out at 130mbs. However, both my pc's achieved a internet speed test of 500mbs + download and upload. Both my network adapters are set to 1gbs and I am running cat 5e and some cat 6 cables across the network. My goal is to get more network speed between my two pc's. Anything past 200mbs would be great so that I can record and stream. Below I posted a picture of my current network setup. Are my network switches holding me back? I am very novice at all of this I have it set up at my house to just work. Everything for the most part has been plug and play. Any help is greatly appreciated thanks you!