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  1. Ok update time. I bought 6->8pin adapter/converter and it works fine if anyone ever wonders. Also 550w psu works fine with a reasonably high overclocked 5700 xt.
  2. Yeah its oc and can reach 279w at Furmark acording to techpowerup, less during regular use tho. Guess it’ll be fine and im gonna go for 6->8pin for the science (and the part of me that hates the bus and is super lazy). Thanks for the help, appreciate it:)
  3. Hmm interesting, I asume you have no problems with Molex adapters? if no one else says go ahead on my plan I guess i’ll have to do the same as you, but its gonna take me like an hour more in travel time:( Im not patient enough to order it online now that I have the card. But im still not sure if my psu is strong enough though. Thanks for the input!:)
  4. Hey guys! I just bought an 5700xt rog strix oc, but I didnt check what the PCI pin connector requirements were. I looked at a few and I think they had 1 x 8 pin and 1 x 6 pin connectors. Anyway this one has 2 x 8 pin connectors but my old psu only has 1, and 1 6 pin. Im thinking about buying an adapter for 6 to 8 pin tomorrow but im not sure if my psu Will be up to the task, and if the card Will run if i do. My specs are: ryzen 3600x rog strix b450 gaming f 16gb Ddr4 3200mhz ram 2xssd 1x7200rpm hdd Xfx pro 550w psu (85 rated i think) upgraded from 1060 6gb MSI gaming x to 5700 xt rog strix (not tested yet, due to no adapter) sorry if this is a bad post or posted on wrong Page (im new here)