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  1. i think i dont like Macho Rev. B mostly for design. Shopping Russia: Scythe Mugen 5 Black RGB (SCMG-5100BK) ~67.5 Euro Computeruniverse: Have only Scythe Mugen 5 Black RGB (SCMG-5100BK) and Scythe Mugen 5 ARGB Plus for 52 and 73 Euro + 12/29 Shipping and both of them not Mugen 5 Rev. B? right? inclined to D15/DRP (20$ difference) for performance in long term relationships, but still think what i really lose if i go with U12S with dual fan setup? i mean its almost U12A? BTW: a move from city to city once for 1-3 years. So also think about overall weigh time to time
  2. Hello. Help me please with best air cooler for current stocks and time with Ryzen 3700x build, and future upgrades: 1. Not for overclock. 2. Highest performance is for Rendering time to time but sometimes for 12-20 hrs. 3. Case Be Quiet pure base 500 DX. So i limit to 180-190 mm 4. Mobo MSI Meg x570 Unify Scythe Fuma 2 N/A at current time and i dont sure about it for 3900x and newer CPU's i think if Fuma 2 really BIS and i just need to wait while them refill worldwide stock. Suppose i need cheap cooler so i can use it for one two month till i buy Fuma 2. NH-U12S chromax.black came next. i really love how it look and want it even if must put second Noctua fan. But i dont sure if it safe to use for renderings for a day or two long. NH-D15 chromax.black, i know its beast. But it really worth it? i dont overclock. But in this case i limited to low profile memory? Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 Really dont sure. Air this size? seems NH-D15 much better. Macho Rev.B (MACHO-B) dont lilke i at all. Mugen 5 Rev B Same Arctic Freezer 34 DUO mixed reviews. so i dont sure about at all. Regards